For my MBA Legal class I must do a one page story on a recent news article related somehow to law. It can be on ANYTHING-the example used was the Michael Phelps drug case. I can not seem to think of anything interesting…does anyone have any suggestions?!?!?! How about the debate over providing a Congressional […]

Outsourcing Legal Services

Large law firms and in house legal departments of large enterprises have enjoyed the benefits of outsourcing (quicker turnaround and lower costs) with success for quite some time in the United States. On the other hand, small and midsize enterprises and law firms have just begun to outsource legal work to enjoy these benefits. This […]

california case law for exparte motion for injuctions and sample pleadings of such?

I need a sample pleading of an exparte motion for temporary restraining order/preliminary injunction in a real estate matter—special assessment filing–to stop it. I also need case law to support the motion. Your local law library for the case law publications and perhaps sample pleadings as well. Actual pleadings would be obtained from your local […]

Purchasing Your Own Legal Forms

Have you ever thought about selling a home, planning your estate, incorporating a small business, or building or remodeling your home? Chances are good that you have. Legal matters permeate our daily lives. According to an ABA survey, seven out of ten households had an occasion in the past year necessitating the hiring of an […]

Advice Iva Uk: Genuine Advice When Debts Get You Down

In UK, people in severe debt can opt to propose Advice IVA UK to the creditors to clear their debt and avoid bankruptcy. The debtor should have capability to repay the monthly instalments. An Insolvency Practitioner is selected, who on the behalf of debtor look after all the documents and procedure. He also works on […]