Can someone help me determine the primary source of law in this case?

I am writing a paper about the recent court case involving J.K. Rowling and her "Harry Potter" materials. She claimed this one persons creation of a Harry Potter encyclopedia violated her copyrighted materials, while the defendant argued it was "fair use" under the Fair Use Doctrine… What is the source of this law (constitutional, statutory, […]


For my MBA Legal class I must do a one page story on a recent news article related somehow to law. It can be on ANYTHING-the example used was the Michael Phelps drug case. I can not seem to think of anything interesting…does anyone have any suggestions?!?!?! How about the debate over providing a Congressional […]

Outsourcing Legal Services

Large law firms and in house legal departments of large enterprises have enjoyed the benefits of outsourcing (quicker turnaround and lower costs) with success for quite some time in the United States. On the other hand, small and midsize enterprises and law firms have just begun to outsource legal work to enjoy these benefits. This […]

What constitutes legal advice in the law world?

I am the working poor and cant afford a attorney and because I make $13,500 a year I made $500 dollars to much in a year to get a public defender, so I have no attorney. you would think I would be able to find legal advice such as how to do motions step by […]