Is Online Gambling Legal in the US

Is online gambling legal in the US is probably the question on the mind of the majority of online gamblers. This particular question however is not a simple ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answer, as the question of is online gambling legal in the US is a complicated subject. The answer to this question would depend solely […]

Atlanta Gas Shortage Martial Law Case Study Atlanta Gas shortage is out of control. Does your city have any gas? Is the media even talking about this outside of Atlanta? Please comment.

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10 Ways to Keep Legal Fees Affordable

Hiring a lawyer is step one when you need legal advice or help. Step two is the most crucial as you need to have a clear idea what the lawyer is going to cost. Most lawyers charge by the hour and rates may vary from USD 60-USD 300 per hour. It depends on the lawyer, […]

Dating Advice Uk: Ready to Date & Find a Relationship?

DATING ADVICE UK: Ready to Date and Find a Relationship? Are you ready to date and find a relationship? You may think you are but if you are still playing the looser in the dating game its time to learn how to move on. Learn what you need to handle before dating, and relationships are […]

Accident Attorney Offering Advice After The Accident

Accidents and Injuries are the reciprocal of life. Life must move on above all things like a rampaging river. As a river comes down from the hill with out any sort of barrier, life needs to keep ticking like it. Everyone in the world does not want to involve in accidents and crashes. One thing […]

What You Should Know About Family Law

When issues arise within the family unit or domestic relationships get out of hand, family law is the branch of judicial problem solving that deals with a wide range of family-related issues. Throughout the United States, it is the family courts that often handle the heaviest caseload, as many jurisdictions tackle concerns that deal with […]

Constitutional Law Prof. Turley on War Crimes

“It is equally immoral to stand silent in the face of a war crime and do nothing.”

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