Glenn Beck Worse Case Scenario 3- Martial Law

Glenn Beck and company talk about Martial Law in the USA. Cheesy music and all.

Duration : 0:8:19

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How can i find a United States Supreme Court outline on google or yahoo or another website?

What are some United States Supreme Court outlines? " A case decided by the supreme court"? How can I find them? This is for my civics class. Yale Law has them online: FindLaw Landmark Cases (MAJOR Decisions) Justia is a great site and is seachable Cases in Chronological Order Hope […]

If Obama was a Constitutional law prof, why is he NOT talking about bringing this country back to its roots?

You know… More in line with the Constitution? I mean, he DID study Constitutional law….. RIGHT? Then why is he trying to turn the US into a socialist country? Am I missing something here? Ron Paul wasn’t a Constitutional law professor and the Constitution is all he talked about. Why doesn’t Obama? Obama has an […]