Building a Career in Hospitality and Catering

Copyright (c) 2008 Ianson Internet Marketing If you are looking for a job in food service, the Bureau of Labor Statistics has some good news for you–the outlook for openings is generally good because many food service workers move on to better and higher paying jobs. However, if you want a good career in the […]

What is the difference between common law and case law?

I’m under the impression they are both made up of judicial precedents, so what makes them distinct? There is no difference unless you are referring to English Common Law as distinguished from American Case Law. the "Common law" was and is the reported decisions of various tribunals and courts which accumulate into something called "precedent". […]

Solve the Ambiguous Case of the Law of Sines

How to solve the ambiguous case of the Law of Sines when two triangles are possible.

Duration : 0:9:43

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