Consumer Awareness

  (Research Paper)   INTRODUCTION   In the early times, consumer was considered as King of the market but in the contemporary society, consumers are no longer safe against the mal practices such as, substandard goods and unsatisfactory services. The consumer has every right to reject any product or services rendered by any manufacturer in […]

The Costa Rica Extradition After 9 Years on the Run

My name is William Freeman, Jr. In April of 2000 Interpol arrested me at my home in Guadalupe, Costa Rica for charges that stemmed out of Wyoming in 1991. The charges were Conspiracy to Distribute Cocaine. Costa Rican law and the Costa Rican Constitution do not have a provision for conspiracy laws; therefore, I decided […]

When the Law ‘ Admits’ That the Truth Does not Matter

Today  i finally realised that my children have ‘ NO CHOICE’  but to continue to live with their inner demons, the law cares not at all about the terrifying trauma that they have suffered, …… neither they as victims of a system that is disturbingly flawed or us as their parents are able to have […]

What You Need To Know About Legal Credit Repair Service

Legal credit repair service is a lucrative industry that is heavily based on making claims that suggest that they will be able to repair your credit without a hassle. Nothing could be further from the truth in the majority of these cases and they function under the principle of taking information that is private and […]