Who are the best constitutional law authors to read?

I’m somewhat familiar with Lawrence Tribe and Richard Posner. What other authors should I read? for constitutional law try David Richardson (author) A general book that covers many aspects of American life (many, but not in depth) is "Witness to America* by Ambrose & Brinkley. It’s sort of scatter-shot, but fun to read, and maybe […]

Legal News Headlines 8/20/2010 -Rod Blagojevich Convicted


Legal News Headlines for 8/20/2010

A lone juror may have saved former Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich from a conviction on the most serious corruption charge of conspiring to trade or sell President Obama’s vacated Senate seat, according to a juror in the case.

After 13 years behind bars for trying to break in to a church ki

tchen to find something to eat, a man who became an example of the harsh sentences allowed by California’s three-strikes law has been ordered released from prison.

A federal appeals court put same-sex weddings in California on hold indefinitely Monday while it considers the constitutionality of the state’s gay marriage ban.

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Legal & General

If you want to ride out a storm there is one thing you need, an umbrella. L&G would seem to have deployed it’s famous multi-coloured brolly to do just that.

Equally famous was its dividend. That’s was, folks…

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Where can U get free legal advice in Singapore. I am a foreigner?

Please can anybody tell me . Where can I get free legal advice in Singapore. I am a foreigner. I had a problem with the landlord. Hi, You can try the Community Legal Clinics if you are a PR http://www.lawsociety.org.sg/probono/community_legal_clinic.aspx or the free legal clinics run by Catholic Lawyers Guild Legal Aid Scheme. http://www.catholicnews.sg/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=1370&Itemid=119

Josh Freese: Indie 1031 Interview w/ Joe Escalante -How To Sell Too Many Records -Part 2

PART 2 of 2. Josh came by my legal advice show to talk about the constant threat of selling “too many records” that dogs his new release “Since 1972” on Outerscope Records. Usually on this show I’m taking calls and answering show biz legal questions but we took a break from that to get an update on what’s happening with Josh’s cool and effective price tiering that has made his new CD something everyone is talking about where ever I go.

Barely Legal Radio can be heard live every Friday from 11am to noon on indie1031.com in Los Angeles hosted by Joe Escalante. Call on Fridays to get your legal questions answered for free or better yet, email your questions to info@barelylegalradio.com and we will set up a time to call you back and record your question and answer for the next broadcast. Go to barelylegalradio.com for more details. It’s free and worth every penny.

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Legal Problems the Newbie Should Know About

Legal problems can easily sink your internet business before you even begin to swim. Legal requirements abound in the internet arena. It’s your responsibility to get yourself up to speed on these requirements. Ignorance of the law is not acceptable. Links to your Contact Information and All About Us Information should be on all of […]