Where can I get legal advice on anything?

It is tedious (as well as expensive and time consuming) to always go to a solicitor get legal advice on minor things like driving licenses or software usage. New laws being published do not always get to the people and sometimes these people can get caught out without knowing why they have been fined or […]

How can you get free legal advice?

I am in a bad situation with my ex and my soon to be child (due in a month). Everyone advises me to get a lawer, but I can’t afford one. I can barely afford gas, food, and shelter. How do I go about getting legal advice/representation without money? Jacqueline, if you just open your […]

If the constitution is so important, why don’t we need a Constitutional Law professor as president?

Republicans keep going on and on about how "We want a leader, not a Constitutional professor", then will immediately say "we need to return to the constitution". Wouldn’t that be more effectively achieved with someone who actually understands the constitution leading the executive branch? Obama was NEVER a Constitutional Law professor, he was a guest […]