Estate Planning Part 05 – Legal Capacity of a Will

As we mentioned in previous articles, estate planning is the process of accumulating and disposing of wealth before death of individual of group of owner known as estate owner including married couple. It aims is to maximize the wealth of the estate owner. The most important goal of estate planning is to make sure that […]

The Michigan Sales Represetatives Commission Act: Protecting yourself

The Michigan Sales Representatives Commission Act (“SRCA”), MCLA 600.2961, provides protection for independent sales representatives from manufacturers or suppliers who improperly refuse to pay commissions for goods sold. The text of the SRCA also requires that commissions be paid to sales representatives on a timely basis, leaving the definition of “timely” to the contract between […]

Attorney General Tom Corbett on the Constitution and Case Law

Attorney General Tom Corbett is running for Attorney General Tom Corbett speaks about his views on the Constitution on April 17, 2010 to the Pennsylvania Leadership Convention in Harrisburg and to the Veterans and Patriots United Forum in Coraopolis

Sam Rohrer is Running for the Republican Nomination for Governor of Pennsylvania on May 18, 2010. Attorney General Tom Corbett is also running.

Duration : 0:1:28

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VenomFangX and Geerup’s God vs Abortion

This is a video response to Geerup’s latest video on the VenomFangX channel, “DNA – Do Not Abort”.

Geerup is quite correct that this is an important issue that needs a lot of thought and discussion, however he confuses matters by saying completely contradictory things on the authority of courts to bestow rights. He also plays a very strange move in which the DNA of a foetus is portrayed as somehow the basis of the claim that a foetus is a person who should not be murdered. Oh well, murder’s just a useful word isn’t it? And it all makes for a rather snappy video title.

A link to the Gothatfunk video I mention towards the end:

Duration : 0:10:50

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