Where can I get some free legal advice re divorce?

I’m trying to save my marriage after my husband had an affair, not sure how things will turn out. Hoping for the best. But in case not- where can I get some legal advice about divorce in California? I have some money, he has none, and since he is at fault here I am not […]

A case for Treason

Albert Burgess Ex special constatble defines the law and explains why the EEC was an illegal Act, based on secret documents, accidentally uncovered under the 30 year rule

Duration : 0:9:59

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Legal News Headlines 5/31/2010


Legal News Headlines for 5/31/2010

Arrests made from child social networking site

Violent crime stats down

Massey had a mine inspector warning system form workers

Supreme Court says black Chicago firefighters can still file lawsuits

Duration : 0:1:46

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What are some supreme court cases regarding the 1st amendment?

I need to defend my opinion that students should still get freedom of speech in public schools, by using cases where the supreme court ruled in favor of the person that was arguing for freedom of speech (is that phrased right?) Pretty much, I need supreme court cases where freedom of speech wins. Thanks everyone […]


Clive Boustred lays the foundations for taking
back OUR Republic from the Criminals who sit
as Judges running a business.

Duration : 0:8:56

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Straight Talk TV Show: Constitutional Law Expert Dr. Craig Smith Part 1

Duration : 0:8:34

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