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Legal Advice for Your Animal Attack Accident 800-290-0021

Visit http://www.accidents.com/other/animal-attacks/ or call 800-290-0021 for your free consultation and advice. Animal Attacks, particularly dog attacks, cause millions of dollars of damage every year, as well as extensive personal injury. You should not hesitate to contact an animal attack lawyer if a dog, cat, or other animal has attacked you or a family member. Accidents.com offers a free claim review, free attorney consultation and free legal advice from a personal injury law firm for your medical malpractice accident case.

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2009 Resolution — Give Your Site a 10-point Legal Check-up

It’s early in the year, and it’s time to fulfill your resolution to give your site a quick legal check-up. Online businesses are now highly regulated, and there’s substantial liability if you site’s not legally compliant. In addition, your customers are becoming more Internet savvy, and a site that’s not legally compliant is not going […]

Legal News Headlines 5/7/2010

Legal News Headlines 5/7/2010


BP and Trans Ocean Oil accepts some responsibility for spill.

Los Angeles cracks down on Medical Marijuana dispensaries to shut down by June 7th.

Non Biological Same-sex parents should be treated the same as biological parents.

Danny Glover joins Phoenix Mayor Phil Gordon campaigning against Arizona’s new Immigration Law.

Europe’s debt problem effecting US Stock Market.

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FRIENDS OF THE FAMILY: The Inside Story of the Mafia Cops Case

Part 1 of 2.

In this interview, I sit down with Michael Vecchione, the Chief of the Rackets Division in the Kings County District Attorney’s Office, to discuss his new book “FRIENDS OF THE FAMILY: The Inside Story of the Mafia Cops Case.”

Friends of the Family is out on May 12, 2009.

Book Description
Detectives Louie Eppolito and Steve Caracappa were the most corrupt and dangerous cops in American history. When they retired in the early 1990s, they left behind a pile of bodies—and for more than a decade, it looked like they were going to get away with it.

As highly decorated NYPD detectives with access to the department’s most sensitive information, they sold their badges to the Mafia—and became murderers for the mob. Eventually they retired to Las Vegas, believing they had put their lives of murder and mayhem safely behind them. And they would have lived happily ever after, if not for one dedicated cop at the end of his career and an assistant district attorney. Detective Tommy Dades and Brooklyn Assistant DA Mike Vecchione turned this seemingly unsolvable cold-blooded case into one of the great law-and-order stories in the annals of New York City. And for the first time, in this book, Dades and Vecchione tell the whole inside story of the investigation.

For Detective Tommy Dades, the case began with a phone call from a distraught mother who just happened to mention an almost forgotten meeting that had taken place years earlier. Dades and Mike Vecchione had performed cold-case miracles before, but this one seemed impossible. Together, quietly and tenaciously, they began to uncover the hideous truth. A highly secret joint state and federal task force began building a body-by-body case against an incredible array of characters, from one of the most viciously insane Mafia bosses in history—who wanted to kill people he dreamed were plotting against him—to the one-eyed Jew who knew all the secrets. As the cold case got front-page-headline hot, Dades and Vecchione encountered an unexpected obstacle: the federal prosecutor plotted to take the case—and those headlines—away from Brooklyn.

For the first time, the two men who brought this incredible story to life reveal the epic confrontations that occurred behind the scenes and led to a stunning courtroom announcement—and came perilously close to destroying the case against the Mafia cops.

Friends of the Family is the complete, inside story of the historic case that rocked the world of law enforcement.

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Intellectual Property (ip) 101

“Intellectual Property (IP) 101” IP includes patents, trademarks, and copyrights. A patent provides an exclusive right to an invention. A trademark provides an exclusive right to an indication of source of a product. A copyright provides an exclusive right to an original work. A service mark provides an exclusive right to a service or origin […]