What is the conflict between Legislation and Common Law/Case Law?

I need to identify and describe the main conflict between Legislation (Parliament law) and Common Law/Case Law (judge made law) extending to England and Wales only. Please help. Thank you. I disagree The main conflict is that legislation has priority over common law by way of Parliamentary Soverignty. Legislation can overwrite common law but common […]

THE CORPORATION [17/23] Unsettling Accounts

17. Journalists Jane Akre and Steve Wilson were fired by the Fox News television station they work for after refusing to change their investigative report on Posilac, a Bovine Growth Hormone (BGH) made by Monsanto. Their research documents potential health and safety problems of drinking milk treated with the synthetic hormone, but threatened with legal action from Monsanto, Fox wants the negative effects played down. The court eventually throws out Akre’s whistle blower lawsuit after deciding that the media is allowed to lie.

For a playlist of all 23 chapters in order: http://www.youtube.com/view_play_list?p=FA50FBC214A6CE87

Duration : 0:11:28

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Round TableĀ : Unconstitutional Constitutional Amendments – Opening Session part I

Chair: Professor Martin Scheinin, European University Institute
Welcome: Professor Barak Medina, Dean, Faculty of Law, Hebrew University
Ms Justice Dorit Beinisch, President, the Supreme Court of Israel
Mr Didier Maus, Conseiller dEtat; President, the International Association of Constitutional Law
Professor Claude Klein, Hebrew University:
“The modernity of a constitutional question”
Dr. Sharon Weintal, Hebrew University:
“A typology of the non-amendable provisions in the constitutions”


The Harry and Michael Sacher Institute
for Legislative Research and Comparative Law
The Faculty of Law
The Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Duration : 1:29:28

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is it legal to take a picture of the news on tv?

I got an awesome picture (of the tv) of the pope on his recent visit. It was on a live news broadcast. Is it legal or will I get in trouble for posting it on flickr? haha I meant like will the news channel be mad? Good question! I suspect that you will not have […]

Legal advice for 3rd graders

My daughter makes good grades , because she learns what they teach her. I teach her to. Never quite say it to her like this though. Teaching our kids they are to be policed. Instead of teaching them that they are the government. Dont forget to teach the kids in the right ways of this country . even if THE LIBERALS want to teach them BULLSHIT

Duration : 0:6:23

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Immigration Professor, Unlawful Presence and Unlawful Presence Waivers, Part 1 of 3

http://immigration-professor.com; In this video, the Immigration Professor, Robert Perkins, discusses the unlawful presence bar to immigrating to the United States, when it is triggered and when it is not. This bar is very important for people who are marrying someone here illegally. You can see all of our informational videos on our website, http://immigration-professor.com. This video is not legal advice or a legal opinion. To get legal advice about your case, call our offices at 310-384-0200.

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Duration : 0:8:3

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Legal Advice Centre official opening – The University of Hull

A new, free legal advice service has been officially opened at the University of Hull.

Staffed by law students, the Legal Advice Centre will offer guidance to the public on a range of issues including welfare and benefits, housing, debt advice and consumer rights.

The Legal Advice Centre is now open to the public every Wednesday during term time between 1pm and 5pm. To make an appointment, please call (01482) 466655


Duration : 0:2:58

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