Can someone give me legal advice please?

I know there may be questions asking where to get legal advice but I just want the general advice of others before I seek it. I left a few of my belongings with a friend, who agreed to look after them. I have now asked my friend to return them and he is claiming he […]

Pelican Case: Torture Tests

See how Pelican Cases stand up to being submerged, thrown from a roof and even shot at.

Duration : 0:2:15

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How many presidents wrote executive orders?

And is there anyway to make the go away And how come congress doesn’t have a say? Every president from Washington to Obama has issued executive orders (including William Henry Harrison who was president for a mere 32 days). The Constitutional basis lies in Article II which empowers the President to see that "the laws […]

Lego Law: Palsgraf v. Long Island Railroad

This is a Lego recreation of the famous tort case, Palsgraf v. Long Island Railroad. This video was created as part of a class. The video was mentioned in the following New York Times article:

This video spoofs the 2008 election, the O.J. Simpson case, and the Rodney King case, all of which were discussed in the law class this was made for.

Duration : 0:5:43

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Beijing the City of Many Temples

The capital of the peoples republic of China is Beijing. It was formlery known in English as Peking or Peiking. It is hosting the 2008 summer olympics and is one of the four great ancient capitals of China. As the capital Beijing has also been the site of political turmoil in recent years. Tiananmen Square […]