Prof. Goodwin Liu Interviewed at White Oak

Prof. Goodwin Liu interviewed by the Brennan Center for Justice while attending “The Next Democracy” conference at White Oak Conservancy Center in Florida. Liu is an Associate Dean and Professor of Law at the UC Berkeley School of Law. His primary areas of expertise are constitutional law, education law and policy, civil rights, and the Supreme Court. His forthcoming book, Keeping Faith with the Constitution (with Pamela Karlan and Christopher Schroeder), offers an account of constitutional interpretation that explains and defends the most important constitutional achievements of the American people while exposing the shortcomings of originalism and strict construction. Prof. Liu discusses the idea of deliberative democracy as well as progressive jurisprudence in this interview.

Duration : 0:3:42

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Tenancy Law

If you are planning to rent a house or a business space in Munich it might be best to consider consulting lawyers. The Tenancy Law is strictly imposed in Germany and lawyers in Munich will be able to guide you through the process without getting into any trouble. Every year, the ordinary courts in the […]

What agency will oversee safety and compliance with Constitutional law re the new health insurance law?

The US Department of Health and Human Services is the cabinet agency responsible for implementing the new health INSURANCE reform legislation. The US House of Representatives Energy and Commerce Committee and the US Senate Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions Committee have Congressional oversight authority.

Learn2Discern – Disorder in the Court

The Iowa Supreme Court ruled that the states ban same-sex marriage was unconstitutional. According to the court, Iowa was denying equal protection under the law to homosexuals who want to marry. Find out why this is ridiculous on Learn2Discern. Distributed by Tubemogul.

Duration : 1 min 30 sec

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Video 2: Do I need legal advice to invest in Real Estate.flv

TheREITruth, Do, I, need, legal, advice, to, invest, in, Real, EstateVideo 2: Do I need legal advice to invest in Real Estate.flv

Duration : 0:5:21

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NRA Fights For Legal Bribery Of Politicians

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McDonalds Product Liability Case | Rasansky Law Firm
The Rasansky Law Firm is knowledgeable on various product liability cases, including the infamous McDonalds coffee case. If you or a loved one have a similar case, call the Rasansky Law Firm for a free evaluation at 877-331-4156 or visit

Duration : 0:1:32

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Lecture Constitutional Law

3.25 hours approximately. Separation Of Federal Governmental Powers. Legislative Authority ,Executive Powers, Judicial Branch, Federal System.Relative Spheres, Tax And Regulation Relationships, Privileges Of State Citizenship, Litigation Between Governmental Entities, State Regulation Or Taxation Of Commerce, Interstate Commerce,Power Of States Over Interstate Commerce, Taxation, States Taxation Of Foreign Commerce, Individual Liberties Limitations On Power.Constitutional Restrictions In Favor Of Individuals, Procedural Due Process, Substantive Due Process And Equal Protection, Retroactive Legislation, Fundamental Rights, First Amendment Freedoms.Freedom Of Religion,Freedom Of Association And Belief, Electoral Process.

Duration : 0:3:11

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Alternative Law Careers: What to Do if You Don’t Want to be a Lawyer

Alternative Law Careers: What to do with your Law Degree if you don’t want to be a Lawyer. For more information and other great articles visit You took the LSAT and after getting accepted to law school,  worked hard over three years reading, studying, writing and researching.  You spent night after night doing the […]