Is there a website for free German legal advice?

My friend as American but getting divorced from his German wife in Germany. They are already divorced but still demanding alimony. Is there any website that would give legal advice on how to fight it? No free advice, sorry. But I’m sure you can find out how similar cases are handled.

PRI Study California Government Oversized

Interview: PRI Research Director Jason Clemens

San Francisco- California government can do more with fewer taxpayer dollars, according to a new study released today by the Pacific Research Institute (PRI), a free-market think tank based in San Francisco. No Bang for the Taxpayer’s Buck: Why California Must Reform Spending and Trim Government finds that California is a bottom performer in delivering value-for-money in government services like education, health care, and infrastructure.

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How does the Supreme court enforce its court decisions?

I know that the constitution doesn’t say anything about how the supreme court can enforce its laws, but the constitution does say that judicial power of all types rests in the hands of the supreme court…so what if the president, or Executive do not like the court’s ruling and choose to ignore it, then how […]