Was the Congress, the President or Supreme Court most important during Civil Rights Movement?

Congress, the President, and the Supreme Court were all important in the advancement of people‚Äôs civil rights during the post-World War II period. Select one of the above (Congress, the President, or the Supreme Court), and note how it supported the civil rights movement. Be sure to provide specific examples to support your point. Why […]

Legal Aspects of an Online Home Business

Before starting an online home business, there are some legal aspects you should be aware of. You really do not want to loose your business because of some legal matter. If you are not familiar with them, it is possible that your web site get closed down because of some legal controversy. Let’s talk about […]

New Legal Battle in Kidnapping Case

Jaycee Dugard seeking to block details on daughters from accused captors

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‘Moonshine’ – Made the Legal Way

Mention the word ‘moonshine’ to most Americans and it will conjure up images of clandestine, illegal liquor production in rural backwoods. The term is believed to be a reference to the work many moonshiners did in the dark of night. Even now, law officers say, some still make and sell hard liquor illegally. Over the years, the cat-and-mouse contest between law officers and so-called bootleggers has become the stuff of folklore.
But one producer has pioneered a very different business model – a legal one. Malcolm Brown traveled to the small distillery in the eastern U.S. state of Virginia, where they pride themselves on their homemade corn whiskey

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Cleveland Heights Ohio Gestapo NAZI Police Order Citizen to Ground at Gunpoint For Open Carrying

Cell Phone Video of Gestapo NAZI Cleveland Heights Police Officer Theodis Porter (Unit# 1761) and Officers Falisa Berry (Investigator with 16 years experience with Cleveland Heights Police Department) and Officer Hood (Unit #1169) Terrorizing their Citizens for simply exercising their rights on 07/04/09 at approximately 1730. In the end they let me go with no charges filed and returned my gun.

For people that don’t know, the carrying of firearms openly (unconcealed) is a legal activity in Ohio and does NOT require a permit. Unfortunately, the officers of the Cleveland Heights Police Department did not know the laws they were hired to enforce.

The case was settled for an undisclosed amount provided they institute an educational policy training their law enforcement officials on Ohio Firearm laws (including ORC 9.68.) I wish I could have taken the case all the way to the Supreme Court and make case law, but I did not have the financial resources to do so. I would like to thank the 3 people that donated to my case.


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Was Barack Obama really a constitutional law professor?

He said: "I was a constitutional law professor, which means unlike the current president I actually respect the Constitution." Wasn’t he actually a senior lecturer and not a law professor? You bet you! His formal title was "senior lecturer," but the University of Chicago Law School says he "served as a professor" and was "regarded […]

Is Fox News legal or not?

I’ve heard often that in the past Fox News would not have been legal. Is this true, if so what is the legal basis and what has changed. If not then is there any law being broken by their falsities? Please don’t take this as a place to make a point I’m looking for fact. […]

Freedom Under Fire – 2nd Amendment in danger? (part 1)

Update: he was sentenced to 30 months in jail! http://worldnetdaily.com/index.php?fa=PAGE.view&pageId=65455

Lou Dobbs reports on the story of a National Guard Drill Instructor who was convicted of illegally transferring a machine gun, a felony, when his perfectly legal AR-15 misfired. He had loaned the rifle to a student and the gun misfired while the student was shooting it at the gun range. Talk about an injustice! Gun owners beware, this could happen to any of us if our legal gun was to accidentally misfire for any reason.

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Legal News Headlines 5/18/2010


Supreme Court rules against life in prison for juveniles

GM earnings up 40 percent

BP makes progress capturing leaking oil

Detroit police officer accidentally shoots and kills 7 year old girl

Legal Broadcast Network

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