NYIT’s LI News Tonight: Legal Job Site

A new website helps people in the legal profession find jobs as Elizabeth Zumba reports for NYIT’s LI News Tonight.

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Citizens Pitch in for Arizona’s Legal Defense

Nearly $500,000 in donations flood into fund for court battle over immigration law

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Legal minds debate

A well known attorney says public anger of the decision by the Director of Public prosecution to charge an alleged victim of a supposed botched robbery for murder has been overblown. Martinus Francois claims the DPP did nothing wrong and followed the proscribed rules of the law in matter.
He says barring the facts of the case members of the public should not be presumptuous and let justice takes its course. But another member of the legal fraternity says in the discretionary prosecutorial power of the DPP must take into account the interest of the community in the administering of justice.

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Sovereign Asserting His Common Law Rights – Case Dismissed

Video By keiththompsonmusic – htpp://www.youtube.com/keiththompsonmusic

The key is simply know who you are, stay in honour and stand your ground peacefully. I was in “court” because I parked mine or my wife’s conveyance on my Sovereign land (i.e.) lawn. No ticket, straight to a court summons issued on a fictitious entity. On and for the record this file was filled with goodies and they waited until the entire case docket was done before they called a name that sounded familiar as in an account that I am administer for. Unfortunately for the court, there were over 20 people there in support of me and most of them were Sovereigns as well…Included in the room were 3 other Peace Officers from WFS and myself, a sworn to the people Peace Officer and duly witnessed and Notarized as such….Hope this is helpful…Case dismissed with cause and prejudice, note the judge bowing before he abandoned the court. This video was recorded in Common Law jurisdiction and authorized by myself as such. Copyright September 1st, 2010 Keith of the Thompson Clan, All rights reserved.



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A Variety of Rewarding Chef Careers

Choosing a career as a Chef is a noble and rewarding career choice. As a chef, you are limited only by your own imagination. The skills that are taught in culinary school are the basis for the rest of a chef’s career. A chef does not just cook food. A chef prepares culinary masterpieces using […]

Texas Legal Recruiters are Here to Help You!

Sincerity and honesty are not terms commonly associated with lawyers or their activities. In fact, it is not unusual for frequent, negative stereotypes like greed, or selfishness to be used to describe those representing the law. Sapire Search Group strives to defeat these popular connotations and assumptions. As a legal recruiting firm based in Texas, […]

Case Western Reserve School of Law Annual Fund

Meet Jennifer. See how the School of Law Annual Fund helps this Law Review editor-in-chief prepare to be a leader in her profession. Learn more at http://case.edu/giving.

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BP Oil Spill-Clean up status- Oil Spill attorney Rick Kuykendall

Part one of the Legal Broadcast Networks four part series on the BP Oil Spill starts with a current look at the current issues as to the containment and spread of oil over the Gulf Coast region. Recent efforts to put a dome or containment “box” have failed and the spill continues to pump thousands of gallons of oil into the Gulf each hour. This video looks at what is currently going on with the spill and what are the patterns of the plume over the Gulf.

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