The Changes to the United States Prior Art Law Implemented

The Changes to the United States Prior Art Law Implemented by PL 108-453 Enacted December 10, 2004 by Richard Neifeld I. Summary II. Changes To 35 USC 103 III. Analysis IV. Impact On “action pending … on the date of the enactment of this Act” V. Impact On Right to an Interference Proceeding VI. Broadening […]

Straight Talk TV Show: Constitutional Law Expert Dr. Craig Smith Part 3

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“The Legal Term Is Scumbag” (Request)

August 31, 2010 News Corp

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Knowing Your Rights Constitutional Law UPMART ORG

ShaneCMuir, Your, Rights, Constitutional, Law, UPMART, ORGKnowing Your Rights Constitutional Law UPMART ORG

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Where can I get case law regarding parent/child issues?

I need case law supporting modification of visitation involving father having different girlfriends frequently moving in and out or spending the night on a regular basis. Where can I find case law that allows you to search with broad keywords? What is considered evidence? Head to your local law library. Ask the librarian to show […]

Alex Jones Tv 2/2: Sarah Palin is Not Going to Save You!!!

Tea Party Sarah is a Neocon

Kurt Nimmo
February 6, 2010

Sarah Palin delivered a speech prior to her keynote at the Republican Tea Party fest in Nashville scheduled for this weekend. In addition to touching on government spending and the bankster bailout, Palin said the underwear bomber Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab should have been grilled before he was read his Miranda rights.

Neocon Sarah sets her sights on the Tea Party movement.

We need a commander in chief, not a professor of constitutional law, she said, according to the Wichita Eagle.

In fact, Obama was not a professor of constitutional law. He was a senior lecturer at the University of Chicago Law School. In academia, there is a vast difference between the two titles, not that we should expect Palin (or her script writers) to get it right.

Palin, the darling of the Tea Party movement (or the one hijacked by statist neocons), is merely echoing the Republican idea that supposed terrorists accused by the government do not deserve Fifth Amendment protection and should be shuffled off to the torture camp at Gitmo straight away. In other words, if the government says somebody is a terrorist then they do not have a right to remain silent. If the government says youre a terrorist, well then by gosh you must be one.

Neocons say skipping the Fifth Amendment is crucial in such cases because the government needs to get actionable intelligence from terror suspects.

But what kind of intelligence would they get from Mr. Fizzlepants, Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab? That he was escorted to the airport in Amsterdam by a well-dressed Indian man who was obviously a military or intelligence operative? Do neocons expect us to believe that if the government waterboarded Abdulmutallab they would get information on sleeper cells or nefarious plots in the making by al-Qaeda, the phantom terror group cobbled together by the CIA?

Palin supports the neocon concept of forever war against Muslims. In this respect she is just like Obama and the Democrat version of Bushs neocons.

In December, Tea Party Sarah lauded Obamas decision to send another 30,000 troops into the Afghan meat grinder. At long last, President Obama decided to give his military commanders much of what they need to accomplish their mission in Afghanistan, Palin (or one of her handlers) wrote on her Facebook on December 1, 2009.

We now have an opportunity to build a bipartisan consensus in support of a vital national security priority: defeating Al-Qaeda and its violent extremist allies in Afghanistan and Pakistan, and ensuring that these countries never again serve as bases for terrorist attacks against America and our allies, she wrote. We should be in Afghanistan to win.

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Legal News Headlines 6/3/2010

Legal News Headlines for June 3rd 2010

The Supreme Court retreated from strict enforcement of the famous Miranda decision on Tuesday, ruling that a crime suspect’s words can be used against him if he fails to clearly invoke his rights and instead, answers a single question after nearly three hours of interrogation.

Calling the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico the “greatest environmental disaster of its kind,” President Barack Obama on Tuesday vowed to prosecute those responsible.

Obama went on to say that if laws were broken, he pledged to bring those responsible to justice

Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer made clear Tuesday she’s not worried about a potential legal challenge from the Obama administration over her state’s controversial immigration law.

Criminals have adopted texts, e-mails, instant messages and other forms of electronic communication, and a state senator says the law hasn’t caught up to the technology.

Sen. Fran Pavley says criminals have become a lot more sophisticated since California passed its wiretapping law 21 years ago. It allows only phone calls and digital pages to be monitored.

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