LexisNexis Legal News for October 1, 2010

Among the stories on this video edition of LexisNexis Legal News, the U.S. Supreme Court agrees to decide whether counties that get drugs for their Medicaid programs through federal contracts have the right to sue drug companies that allegedly violate those contracts by overcharging for drugs, and, the Washington Supreme Court holds that a state law that criminalizes online gambling does not violate the dormant commerce clause of the U.S. Constitution.

Duration : 0:6:46

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CollabTech 2010: Web 2.0 Technologies in Law Teaching

(Full Title) Web 2.0 Technologies in Law Teaching: Practical and Legal Issues

Date: Thursday, May 6th, 2010

Location: Thwing Center Spartan Room at Case Western Reserve Unviersity

Panelists: Andrea Matwyshyn, Michelle Jacobs, Jacqueline Lipton

Today, students are learning in more places than just the classroom, and educators are finding new ways to reach them anytime, anywhere. At this hands-on event, you’ll see for yourself how Mac, iPod, and iPhone make collaboration, content creation, and distribution easier than ever before. You’ll also see how Apple products can help you deliver professional-quality presentations, podcasts, and lesson plans.

Duration : 0:43:35

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Radio Jingle/ID montage part 3

A variety of jingles and ID’s.
1. WMJI Traffic pad 2003
2. WMJI Majic 105.7 jingle 2003
3. WMJI Cleveland legal ID jingle 2003
4. KODM Odessa/Midland jingle 2003
5. KODM Odessa/Midland 97.9 spoken 2003
6. Lite Rock 98 KODM jingle 2003
7. KJBC Midland-Odessa 1150 AM Catholic radio legal ID 2003
8. Wake-up jingle to Flintstones tune KBAT Midland 2003
9. WJMP Kent, Ohio Music of your Life legal ID & CBS news 2003
10. WJMP 1520 AM Kent Ohio Sign-off 2003
11. WSAI Cincinnati Legal ID 2003 & news music
12. WSAI weather music and WSAI original hits jingle 2003
13. WAKR Akron legal ID 2003 & ABC news
14. WAKR weather music & Musical memories drop-in 2003
15. WRMR Cleveland legal ID 2001 & CNN news
16. KFLB Odessa-Midland Texas Legal ID & SRN news 2003
17. KRIL Odessa-Midland legal ID 1986 & NBC time tone and chimes theme for news

Duration : 0:8:58

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Why does the President issue executive agreements and executive orders?

So he can gain authority that the Constitution does not give him, without the authority of Congress. Basically, so he can have UNCONSTITUTIONAL authority, including the power to detain individuals without charges indefinitely, conduct illegal surveillance, construct FEMA concentration camps across the country, and declare martial law over sovereign states, especially if they do not […]