Radio Jingle/ID montage part 3

A variety of jingles and ID’s.
1. WMJI Traffic pad 2003
2. WMJI Majic 105.7 jingle 2003
3. WMJI Cleveland legal ID jingle 2003
4. KODM Odessa/Midland jingle 2003
5. KODM Odessa/Midland 97.9 spoken 2003
6. Lite Rock 98 KODM jingle 2003
7. KJBC Midland-Odessa 1150 AM Catholic radio legal ID 2003
8. Wake-up jingle to Flintstones tune KBAT Midland 2003
9. WJMP Kent, Ohio Music of your Life legal ID & CBS news 2003
10. WJMP 1520 AM Kent Ohio Sign-off 2003
11. WSAI Cincinnati Legal ID 2003 & news music
12. WSAI weather music and WSAI original hits jingle 2003
13. WAKR Akron legal ID 2003 & ABC news
14. WAKR weather music & Musical memories drop-in 2003
15. WRMR Cleveland legal ID 2001 & CNN news
16. KFLB Odessa-Midland Texas Legal ID & SRN news 2003
17. KRIL Odessa-Midland legal ID 1986 & NBC time tone and chimes theme for news

Duration : 0:8:58

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Legal News 6/24/2010 – Lawrence Taylor Indicted on Charges of Rape

Legal Headline News 6/24/2010

Football Hall of Fame linebacker Lawrence Taylor was indicted Wednesday on charges of rape and endangering the welfare of a child, stemming from an alleged sexual rendezvous with a 16-year-old in May

Stanley McChrystal is no longer the top U.S. commander and strategist for Afghanistan after Rolling Stone article criticizing the administration.
Underwater robot accidentally knocks off oil well containment cap.

Duration : 0:1:58

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Natural Law and Life

Natural Law What is Law?
Natural Law is a broad and often misapplied term tossed around various schools of philosophy, science, history, theology, and law. Indeed, Immanuel Kant reminded us, ‘What is law?’ may be said to be about as embarrassing to the jurist as the well-know question What is Truth? is to the logician.

Law, in its generic sense, is a body of rules of action or conduct prescribed by controlling authority, and having binding legal force. That which must be obeyed and followed by citizens subject to sanctions or legal consequences is a law (Blacks Law Dictionary, Sixth Edition, p. 884).
Jurisprudence is the philosophy of law and how the law developed.

Natural Law is a moral theory of jurisprudence, which maintains that law should be based on morality and ethics. Natural Law holds that the law is based on whats correct. Natural Law is discovered by humans through the use of reason and choosing between good and evil. Therefore, Natural Law finds its power in discovering certain universal standards in morality and ethics.

Natural Law and Life. Randall Niles views the Moral Law applicable to all of us, including murder, theft, lying, and cheating. In the case of homicide (“the unjustified killing of another human being”), we all agree that it’s wrong, we just disagree on the definitions, such as “justification” and “human being.”

This video examines the different treatment of fetal homicide across Constitutional Law, Criminal Law, and Civil Law throughout the United States. Why the different definitions in Roe v Wade, the Unborn Victims of Violence Act, and various Wrongful Death Acts in certain states?

Please visit for more information on Natural Law and Life issues. Also, please visit for more videos covering issues of Natural Law, Philosophy, Christianity, the Miracle of Life, and Abortion.

Duration : 0:8:16

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