Countdown-Professor Turley on TeamObama: “a breathtaking expansion of sovereign immunity”

Countdown-Professor Turley on TeamObama: “a breathtaking expansion of sovereign immunity”
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What are two characteristics of supreme court nominees?

One of the most important decisions a president can make is the appointment of federal judges, especially those on the appellate and Supreme Court. a) Identify and discuss two characteristics of Supreme Court nominees that are politically relevant during the nomination process. b) Identify and defend your choice of two methods interest groups might use […]

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If counseling and discussion have proved unsuccessful and you see divorce as the only option, then it is best to try and do so amicably – especially if there are children involved. Even though you may not love each other anymore, you should try to avoid the spitefulness that can often accompany a relationship breakdown. […]

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Long Trail Of Mesothelioma Legal Cases

Just have a look on the facts and figures and a predictable estimation of the Mesothelioma legal cases alone in America. The figures touched the height of 90000. These were the number of lawsuits filed against the asbestos industries and other such causes for compensation by those who suffered from Mesothelioma in 2002. Now just […]

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Manufacturers have for years been putting out false propaganda that a consumer does not have a lemon law claim unless he or she has four repair attempts for the same defect within the first 18,000 miles. This is simply incorrect. It is an effort by car manufacturers to discourage otherwise worthy consumers from pursuing claims […]

Rodrigues Island ‘autonomy’

Rodrigues Island: ‘Autonomy’ The first few pages were quite uplifting and left me excitedly eager to read more. But, as the underlying principles of the proposals became more apparent, disheartenment soon replaced enthusiasm. The realisation that the Rodriguan people would once again have to take the shattered remnants of their short-lived hopes and dreams back […]