Tort Law and Its Classifications

Tort law is a streamline of law which covers issues of civil wrongs like defamation, trespassing and the other actions involving law violations. Incase a person has undergone a physical, legal or any economic harm then he can a file a suit under the tort law. If the suit is valid and the defendant of […]

Supreme Court To Hear Mt. Lebanon Family’s Vaccine-Seizure Case

A Mt. Lebanon family will play a role in the U.S. Supreme Court’s upcoming decision about whether drug makers can be sued if vaccines cause serious health problems.

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Executive Pay

Daily Market Commentary for February 4, 2009 from Millennium-Traders.Com The president ordered the $500,000 cap on salaries and require that companies receiving “exceptional assistance” disclose all executive perks. (read more) Economic data released today: ADP (Automatic Data Processing (ADP)/Macroeconomic Advisers) Employment Report:Sees January U.S. Private Sector Jobs down 522,000; January U.S. Private Sector Jobs Expected […]

Law Of Attraction Case Study

If you’re working hard and wonder if it’s all worth it, watch this video as a real life case study of the Law Of Attraction in action. When you develop and Exponential Mindset, you create so much value for so many people that somehow, the ‘Universe’ will reward you – as if by magic.

Often, the rewards you’ll receive will appear from nowhere… That’s what I keep telling my clients. Keep doing what works and you WILL get a reward even if at first it appears totally unrelated to the effort.

I know how this sounds, but you have to try it before you can just shrug it off as nonsense.

Every successful person knows that hard work gets paid back 10 times over in ways that defy logic.

Here’s the thing – who cares about logic when you get to spend the night in the luxurious Penthouse Suite
at the Sofitel Hotel in Melbourne…

Of course there is logic to it all, just not the sequential one most people rely on…

That’s why what I teach my clients is so powerful – they get results and rewards that baffle their friends, family, colleagues and competitors…

Want some of those rewards?

Book into one of our programs or events and watch what happens!

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Legal Marketing Where You Get Advice These days you need to be careful who you select as an advisor. There are many people who hold themselves out as experts in legal marketing. There are three specific types of legal marketing gurus that are particularly suspicious. This video goes into detail about those three legal marketing frauds and how you can and should avoid them. Be careful where you get your legal marketing advice. For many free articles on legal marketing, visit

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Know More About Politics of Germany

The political system of the Federal Republic of Germany represents the second democratic system in German history. At the Parliamentary Council when designing the new constitution, the Basic Law, the founders of the Federal Republic took into account the lessons that had been learned from the failure of the first democracy, namely the Weimar Republic, […]

Majority Of Americans Believe Marijuana Should Be Legal

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