Today’s Legal News Headlines 3/5/2010

On Today’s Legal Headline News 3/5/2010…

Psychiatrist warned sex offender in Chelsea King case was poor candidate for treatment after 2002 molestation

Supreme Court considers Chicago gun rights battle

Families file lawsuit over deadly California Lexus crash

Major League Baseball and Upper Deck settle lawsuit

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Learn the Cost of a Franchise Business – Start a Franchise

When you start a franchise business understand that there are many costs involved. Do not let some of the start up cost deter you from having a business of your own. Having your own franchise business can be very rewarding so make sure that you investigate all the costs that are involved before you begin. […]

Palestinian legal adviser gets owned by Fox News

Palestinian legal adviser gets owned by Fox News

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Legal News Headlines 4.7.2010

West Virginia Coal mine Disaster the worst since 1984.

Toyota facing $16.4 million fine

Health care scams begin

Justice Stevens to retire

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Legal Envelope

Legal Envelope – Do you need to make sure your Legal Envelope gets opened? If so is the best source for legal envelope mailing packages or call 866-751-6528 for legal envelope

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Viral Change Infects the Trucking Industry

Gasoline prices fluctuate. So far, fluctuation leads to inflation. In addition, the turnover record for drivers is a mounting dilemma. To remedy this, Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) set forth new emission rules that are scheduled to take effect on January 1 – to the detriment of the trucking industry. The new rules cover significant changes […]

Marbury v. Madison

Equal Justice Under Law

Marbury v. Madison (1st in a 4 part series).

Dramatizations of historic decisions from the courtroom of America’s great Chief Justice, John Marshall.

Who determines what the Constitution means—what is and is not constitutional?

In this 1803 case the Supreme Court established its responsibility to review the constitutionality of acts of Congress. President John Adams appointed Federalist William Marbury as justice of the peace, but failed to deliver Marbury’s official commission before President Jefferson and the Democratic-Republicans took over the administration. Marbury asked the Supreme Court to order Jefferson’s Secretary of State, James Madison, to deliver the commission. Marbury’s demand precipitated a confrontation between Chief Justice Marshall and President Thomas Jefferson. The Supreme Court held that it did not have jurisdiction and declared that the law permitting the Court to hear the case was unconstitutional.

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evidence of economic collapse martial law preparations

martial law preparation from engineered economic collapse evidence had this video 1/2 finished as of late there were some recent interviews that spurred me to finish this. Anyway, something to think about and keep your eyes open for . Nobody really knows what the plan is until it gets underway , but we can connect the dots and mentally prepare. I hope and pray nothing like what you see in the end occurs but the signs are there.

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Lexington Law

In order to buy a new house or car, most people resort to bank loans nowadays. Nonetheless, sometimes they confront themselves with a situation in which they don’t succeed to pay off their loan in time and they start having bad credit. As a consequence, in order to be able to get another loan, they […]