Connie Fogal on The Alex Jones Show”Canadian Martial Law”1/2


Born August 7, 1940 in Lafleche Sask. Grew up in Saskatchewan.Taught in Saskatoon, Regina, and Toronto public school systems and Universityof BC Centre for Continuing Education.Called to the British Columbia Bar in 1980. Practiced law as a sole practitioner incriminal and family law. In the area of constitutional law, she spearheaded threelawsuits by citizens through the Canadian courts on constitutional issues:challenging the Multilateral Agreement on Investments (MAI), challenging theexpropriation of Nanoose Bay by the Federal government to submit to the USmilitary; challenging the erection of a fence to prevent protest against an FTAAmeeting in Quebec City in1998.


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Estate Tax Law – Vital Facts You Must Know

Losing someone almost always entail that they leave something behind. Specifically speaking we could gain inheritance when the situation happens. When we do it is important to be well oriented with the matters concerning the inheritance. Estate law taxes usually covers matters on inheritance. Currently estate tax laws are being subjected to different changes and […]

Are you Free Man? This is not legal advice…2/4

To answer the question of ‘what acts and statutes’ are not regarded as law, the answer is none of them. To what Laws do you have to give authority to? Your own. Figure out what they are, then live by them (and serve notice, if you care to change anything for the others that are still slaves to the system…and the future)

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Guardianships, by Martin Petroff

The Purpose and Process of Guardianships Under New York State law a court may appoint a guardian for a person whenever it finds by “clear and convincing evidence” that an alleged incapacitated person, the “AIP,” cannot adequately understand and appreciate the nature and consequences of his/her particular inabilities; and is likely to suffer harm because […]

Executive orders and the first amendment?

I know that the first amendment prevents congress from passing laws that restrict the free exercise of religion, but I don’t recall it mentioning anything about a president. Can a president issue an executive order banning religious practice? I’m not saying that it should happen, of course, and no president would ever dare to do […]


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How to get news for my website?

I’m starting a news podcast and I want to know if its legal to take news from other sites and put it in mines. Do I have to ask first? Are there sites that will let me use news info from them? You can use other sites but you’re going to have to attribute your […]