Taking Free Exercise Rights Seriously

March 30, 2006
Speaker: Professor Alan E. Brownstein, University of California, Davis School of Law
Presented by: Center for Professional Ethics

Summary: William A. Brahms Lecture on Law and Religion

• Constitutional law does not take free exercise rights seriously. Creating a more complex free exercise jurisprudence

• How do we balance religious exercise against conflicting state interests?

Professor Brownstein is an expert on church-state issues and has also written extensively on freedom of speech, privacy and autonomy rights and other constitutional law subjects. His articles have been published in numerous academic journals, including the Stanford Law Review. Professor Brownstein teaches Constitutional Law, Law and Religion, and Torts at the UC Davis School of Law, is a frequent lecturer at academic conferences and in law related programs before civic, legal, religious and educational groups. He received his law degree from Harvard Law School in 1977.

Duration : 1:2:14

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Positively Tampa Bay: Bay Area Legal Services

Bay Area Legal Services provides services for victims of domestic violence.

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Preemption of State Law Intentional Tort Actions Under the Airline Deregulation Act of 1978

After years of tight government control over the airline industry, Congress chose to pursue a policy of economic deregulation, enacting the Airline Deregulation Act of 1978 (ADA). Areas formerly controlled by the federal government, such as the awarding of routes, the entry of new air carriers, and the setting of fares, were left to the […]

The IRS vs. Robert Kahre

Entire TV Show http://www.insiderexclusive.com/firm_cohan.htm

Headline Legal News: The Law Office of William A. Cohan is featured in an exciting, exclusive, in-depth and inside interview, discussing the case of Robert Kahre. Informally called the Kahre case — after the primary defendant, business owner Robert Kahre, who paid workers in gold and silver coins — the trial relied heavily on evidence gathered in a controversial armed raid in May 2003 on several of Kahre’s local business places. The raid entailed keeping more than 20 workers handcuffed, in 106-degree heat without shade or water while agents collected records and equipment, which Kahre described in this interview with great detail. The trial resulted in zero convictions on 161 charges faced by nine defendants, a major win for William Cohan and Robert Kahre.

William A. Cohan has litigated in federal trial and appeals courts throughout the United States for the last 30 years. He has obtained more acquittals in criminal tax cases than any attorney practicing in the United States over the last 30 years (including 2 cases involving more than $10 million), secured several multi-million dollar verdicts and settlements for plaintiffs, and successfully defended against several multi-million dollar civil claims and forfeitures. The other twenty-five percent of his cases involve business disputes between individuals and non-governmental entities: he defends individuals, corporations, trusts, LLP’s, LLC’s, and partnerships in controversies concerning real estate, securities, business acquisitions, employment, banking and insurance. One essential element in William’s success over the last 30 years is and always has been investigating and discovering the larger context of a case.

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I am a young college student and I need some legal advice. I need some serious advice. I have no money and I just want to know if the people trying to sue me have a case or not. Does anyone know of a place I can go or a number I could call to […]