Is there a site to get legal advice in Michigan?

It may be time to seek legal help. I would rather do it on the web than call a lawyer, is that not crazy? Do you know of a website in Michigan for legal advice? Hi, I don’t think it’s weird to want to get your legal advice on the web, but I don’t think […]

Lindsay Lohan fails drug test , sister Ali and father conservatorship on Kelly’s Court.

Beverly Hills judge originally sentenced actress Lindsay Lohan to 90 days in jail, plus 90 days in-patient rehab for probation violation. Now, Lindsay faces another 30 days (or more, considering the FU message on her nails) in the “big house” for failing a drug test while on probation.

Arthur Aidala and Mark Eiglarsh comment on her, her father and her younger sister Ali, who is still a minor, on Kelly’s Court.

Duration : 0:6:23

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Where can i see a list of the executive orders that President Obama is signing? and does the media follow?

and cover all the orders that the president signs? The White House list isn’t up-to-date. There’s also . But the media gets their information from the White House Press Office and the Press Secretary, usually the day before the EO gets signed. EOs also get published in the daily Federal Register, which you can […]

Porsche Waiting for Eu’s Court Legal Opinion

Porsche AG’s decision on raising its stakes in Volkswagen AG, Europe’s largest carmaker and brand of popular auto parts like Volkswagen head gasket, will depend on the advisory opinion that will be released next week by the European Union’s highest court. The opinion on the legality of the so-called Volkswagen law which protects the automaker […]

Teaching Constitutional Law

The CUNY School of Law is “very different” because “we start constitutional law from day one,” says Distinguished Professor Ruthann Robson. Students are then able to do advanced work in courses such as Race and the Law, Immigration Law and others.

Duration : 0:3:14

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Will Landmark 1954 Brown V. Topeka Kansas be Overturned?

In 1896, the Plessey v. Ferguson court decision established the “separate but equal” doctrine, allowing that it was legal and fair to separate public school students by race and color as long as the education given was “equal”. As history has shown, the education was seldom fair or equal. Thus, in 1954 the landmark court […]

Denver marijuana initiative makes national news!

08/27/05- SAFER’s Mason Tvert and a Denver City Councilman discuss making the adult possession of marijuana legal in Denver.

Duration : 0:3:20

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How do I find housing case law?

I am writing a report about housing issues (ie, homelessness, right to repair, ending a tenancy) and I need to back up my report with the appropriate case law. Please can anyone advise me of any website I can use for help? The Shelter site is a good resource, but not sure if it includes […]