Las Vegas – 3 Cops in Shooting at Summerlin Costco – Vegas Cops murder businessman while shopping

– 3 Cops kill a successful business man, veteran,
West Point graduate & legal concealed weapons
permit holder, whilst shopping with his girlfriend
at a Summerlin Costco.

Details are still becoming available, but I lived in
Vegas for 4 years. The cops there are like Nazis,
especially the greener ones & their ‘everybody is
a terrorist’, post-9-11 mentality.

In all likely hood, some fuck’in idiot employee, who
doesn’t even know that carrying a firearm is 100%
Legal, over reacted, called in the ‘hit squad’.

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Immigration Professor, Unlawful Presence and Unlawful Presence Waivers, Part 1 of 3; In this video, the Immigration Professor, Robert Perkins, discusses the unlawful presence bar to immigrating to the United States, when it is triggered and when it is not. This bar is very important for people who are marrying someone here illegally. You can see all of our informational videos on our website, This video is not legal advice or a legal opinion. To get legal advice about your case, call our offices at 310-384-0200.

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bush’s Executive Order#13422- Total Control Over Agencies

NY Times: Bush signs landmark executive order increasing power over federal agencies Raw Story | January 30, 2007 President George W. Bush has given his administration a boost in how the government regulates key issues such as civil rights and the environment, RAW STORY has learned The New York Times will report on its Tuesday front page. The President “signed a directive that gives the White House much greater control over the rules that the federal government develops to regulate public …

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Today’s Legal News Headlines 3/17/10

Today’s Legal News Headlines 3/17/10…

Toyota is facing more fallout over its recent recalls for problems involving unintended acceleration. According to The Chicago Tribune, a U.S Attorney, the Securities and Exchange Commission and the Los Angeles city attorney have all opened probes into Toyotas handling of the crisis.

Chicago businessman, Michael David Barrett, was sentenced to a 2 1/2 year prison term by a Los Angeles federal court judge for the stalking and secret videotaping of ESPN reporter Erin Andrews. Barrett, who used his cell phone to record nude video of Andrews through hotel peepholes, also posted the illegal videos on the Internet. The judge also ordered Barrett to pay restitution of over $7000.

A jury will decide whether Oprah Winfrey defamed the former headmistress of her South African girls school when talking about an abuse scandal in 2007, a federal judge ruled.

China’s state-run press reported Tuesday that Google Inc. is still censoring its search results on its Web site.

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Judicial Supremacy vs Co-equal Branches, Lecture 2

Join the discussion:

Visiting University of Georgia Law Lecturer and former House Speaker Newt Gingrich argues that the defeat of judicial supremacy and the reestablishment of a constitutional balance of power among the legislative, executive, and judicial branches are unavoidable if we are going to retain our freedoms and our identity as Americans.

Duration : 0:52:12

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1st Amendment Misconceptions (Part 1 of 5)

This video begins by examining the origin of the 1st Amendment when Congress drafted it in 1789. This has the powerful effect of telling listener what the 1st Amendment really means in the words of the people who actually wrote it.
The video then continues to examine the harmful effects of case law, which I call the ‘Progressive Precedent’. I conclude with Constitutional strategies for combatting case law.
This video is actually part of my campaign for Governor of Tennessee for 2010, but I intentionally designed it to be apolitical, so it can benefit Christians long after this campaign is over.

Duration : 0:8:44

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