Exclusive: Sky News Investigates The Legal Drug Market


Banning mephedrone is just one step in tackling the use of so-called legal highs. The fear is that before long a new drug of choice will emerge, putting more lives at risk. Sky News has discovered Chinese chemical factories already preparing for this. Holly Williams has this exclusive investigation.

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Legal minds debate

A well known attorney says public anger of the decision by the Director of Public prosecution to charge an alleged victim of a supposed botched robbery for murder has been overblown. Martinus Francois claims the DPP did nothing wrong and followed the proscribed rules of the law in matter.
He says barring the facts of the case members of the public should not be presumptuous and let justice takes its course. But another member of the legal fraternity says in the discretionary prosecutorial power of the DPP must take into account the interest of the community in the administering of justice.

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NYIT’s LI News Tonight: Legal Job Site

A new website helps people in the legal profession find jobs as Elizabeth Zumba reports for NYIT’s LI News Tonight.

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Is Obama already showing that he is going to abuse his Presidential Power through Executive Orders?

http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20081109/ap_on_go_pr_wh/obama This guy isn’t even in office yet and he is reviewing what he can and cannot do with executive powers. Is anyone who voted for him starting to get scared yet that he is attempting to become a power Lord? sure. he has already instituted the "office of the president-elect". how arrogant can one […]

NTEB: Martial Law Will Likely Be Declared Soon in America

Radio talkshow host Michael Savage makes a very convincing case that martial law will soon be declared by the Obama adminsitration to quell the rebellion that is now brewing all across America.

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Clive Boustred lays the foundations for taking
back OUR Republic from the Criminals who sit
as Judges running a business.

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