Natural Law and Life

Natural Law What is Law?
Natural Law is a broad and often misapplied term tossed around various schools of philosophy, science, history, theology, and law. Indeed, Immanuel Kant reminded us, ‘What is law?’ may be said to be about as embarrassing to the jurist as the well-know question What is Truth? is to the logician.

Law, in its generic sense, is a body of rules of action or conduct prescribed by controlling authority, and having binding legal force. That which must be obeyed and followed by citizens subject to sanctions or legal consequences is a law (Blacks Law Dictionary, Sixth Edition, p. 884).
Jurisprudence is the philosophy of law and how the law developed.

Natural Law is a moral theory of jurisprudence, which maintains that law should be based on morality and ethics. Natural Law holds that the law is based on whats correct. Natural Law is discovered by humans through the use of reason and choosing between good and evil. Therefore, Natural Law finds its power in discovering certain universal standards in morality and ethics.

Natural Law and Life. Randall Niles views the Moral Law applicable to all of us, including murder, theft, lying, and cheating. In the case of homicide (“the unjustified killing of another human being”), we all agree that it’s wrong, we just disagree on the definitions, such as “justification” and “human being.”

This video examines the different treatment of fetal homicide across Constitutional Law, Criminal Law, and Civil Law throughout the United States. Why the different definitions in Roe v Wade, the Unborn Victims of Violence Act, and various Wrongful Death Acts in certain states?

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Attorney General Tom Corbett on the Constitution and Case Law

Attorney General Tom Corbett is running for Attorney General Tom Corbett speaks about his views on the Constitution on April 17, 2010 to the Pennsylvania Leadership Convention in Harrisburg and to the Veterans and Patriots United Forum in Coraopolis

Sam Rohrer is Running for the Republican Nomination for Governor of Pennsylvania on May 18, 2010. Attorney General Tom Corbett is also running.

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Patient’s Right to Die and Be Placed On Life Support

A Patient’s Right to Die and Be Placed on Life Support Terry Shiavo’s story One of the most blatant episodes of life support struggle, Terry Shiavo’s story was making headlines for many months now as the unconscious woman who for 15 years was living on substances she received from her feeding tube became the focus […]

Tom Cruise & Scientology: Career Death 1of4

Note to YouTube Legal:
These fair use reportage clips are owned by my friend Rupert. They are not the property of the so called “Church” of Scientology or the hetrosexual actor Tom Cruise. If you actually bother to watch the clip then you’ll see that any tiny percentage of non-rupert footage clearly passes the legal test of News Reportage with respect to copyright claims on the whole clip.

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where can I find case law on internet?

I need to find prior case law where children refused to return to the custody of father. Children are age 15 & 16. I need to be able to cite case law. Chldren already have a court appointed attorney. Trying to cover my a**! or others like them. findlaw you can set the location […]

Legal News Headlines Weekend 3/27-3/28

judge in Haditha trial to decide whether to dismiss charges against Wutterich

Obama’s plan to help underwater home owners

Gilbert Arenas sentencing

Cash4gold class action

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