Legal Headline News–Bush tax cuts, violent crime down, first vaccine-autism award

The estimated number of violent crimes committed in the United States declined in 2009 for the third straight year, according to an annual report released Monday by the FBI.

House Republican leader on Sunday suggested he may be willing to concede to Democrats who want to let the Bush tax cuts lapse for the wealthiest Americans, but the Senate Republican leader today said he is standing his ground.

(CBS) The first court award in a vaccine-autism claim is a big one. According to CBS News the family of Hannah Poling will receive more than $500,000 per year to pay for Hannah’s care. Experts say the compensation could easily amount to $20 million over the child’s lifetime.

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Exclusive: Sky News Investigates The Legal Drug Market

Banning mephedrone is just one step in tackling the use of so-called legal highs. The fear is that before long a new drug of choice will emerge, putting more lives at risk. Sky News has discovered Chinese chemical factories already preparing for this. Holly Williams has this exclusive investigation.

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Hillary Clinton Health Care Means Access To Safe Legal Abortion!
March 30, 2010 CBC The National

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Executive Pay

Daily Market Commentary for February 4, 2009 from Millennium-Traders.Com The president ordered the $500,000 cap on salaries and require that companies receiving “exceptional assistance” disclose all executive perks. (read more) Economic data released today: ADP (Automatic Data Processing (ADP)/Macroeconomic Advisers) Employment Report:Sees January U.S. Private Sector Jobs down 522,000; January U.S. Private Sector Jobs Expected […]

Where can I find good free legal advice online?

I’m having trouble with a roomate in Philadelphia. I need legal advice on how to legally kick her out of my apartment from a lawyer, but I don’t have money to throw around. I’ve heard that there are places you can go online to get free legal advice (I mean actually asking a lawyer how […]

Constitutional Law, Legal History and Civil Liberties at the University of Virginia School of Law

Professor Risa Goluboff discusses the Law School’s constitutional law, legal history and civil liberties programs during an Admitted Students Open House.

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Law Of Attraction Case Study

If you’re working hard and wonder if it’s all worth it, watch this video as a real life case study of the Law Of Attraction in action. When you develop and Exponential Mindset, you create so much value for so many people that somehow, the ‘Universe’ will reward you – as if by magic.

Often, the rewards you’ll receive will appear from nowhere… That’s what I keep telling my clients. Keep doing what works and you WILL get a reward even if at first it appears totally unrelated to the effort.

I know how this sounds, but you have to try it before you can just shrug it off as nonsense.

Every successful person knows that hard work gets paid back 10 times over in ways that defy logic.

Here’s the thing – who cares about logic when you get to spend the night in the luxurious Penthouse Suite
at the Sofitel Hotel in Melbourne…

Of course there is logic to it all, just not the sequential one most people rely on…

That’s why what I teach my clients is so powerful – they get results and rewards that baffle their friends, family, colleagues and competitors…

Want some of those rewards?

Book into one of our programs or events and watch what happens!

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Chief Justice Ronald M. George

Chief Justice Ronald M. George, Associate Justice Carlos R. Moreno, Associate Justice Joyce L. Kennard, Associate Justice Kathryn Mickle Werdegar, Justice Ming W. Chin, Associate Justice Marvin R. Baxter, and Associate Justice Carol A. Corrigan.

The County of San Luis Obispo in their “Answer To Petition For Review” by Thomas L. Riordon, SBN 104827 shows the Supreme Court why this review is necessary as the County explains on P. 5 “The Oceano Community Service District (District) owns a water well. From time to time, the well discharges water into the drainage channel that leads to the culvert under the rail bed. (RT Vol. 5:1265-1266)”
The County LIES about Testomony by Dan Sutton from POVE as Dan had stated 02-03 NOT 2000! The County mentions the Davis daily logs(exhibit #1768) that shows No Date of Stabilization!

The County of San Luis Obispo acknowledges “No Date Of Stabilization” the construction permitted in the drainage channel by the County, allowing the OCSD Well # 8 discharge Pipe installed into this drainage culvert! (Per Davis Testimony!) The County States: “Davis’s daily log for that year makes referance to a meeting with Bookout on December 20, 2002. (RT Vol. 2:402) Bookout took a picture of the pipe going into the drainage channel in the aftermath of a rain event in 2002.” The County States: “The picture included a District employee. (RT Vol. 2:403) This photo shows No Date of Stabilization and that OCSD and Caltrans had not properly corrected the complaint in Exhibit # 579! Thus showing that the partial use of Exhibit # 579 was a predjudicial Error in now California Case Law “Bookout v. State of California!”



The County has shown, that the County, OCSD and Caltrans have “EXERCISED DOMINION AND CONTROL” over this storm water drainage channel!
California Residents Health and safety has been put in danger with the Second Appellate Court published California Case Law ruling July 28, 2010 in Bookout v. State of California.

Please review the following websites and the YouTube videos of Caltrans shoveling and grading contaminated storm water and debris into one of our States storm water drainage systems and then the Oceano Community Service District being allowed to use this same storm water drainage system to discharge 2500 gallons of their drinking water and debris into this system daily!

Please review the following websites:

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From House of Lords to Supreme Court

From 31 July 2009, the judicial function of the House of Lords and its role as the final – and highest – appeal court in the UK will end, bringing about a fundamental change to the work and role of the House of Lords.

A new United Kingdom Supreme Court, separating the judicial function from Parliament (those who make the law from those who interpret it in courts), will open in early October 2009 opposite the Houses of Parliament in Parliament Square – formerly the Middlesex Guildhall.

Lord Mance, one of the 12 Law Lords in the House of Lords, outlines the key changes to the judicial role of Parliament.

Find out more:
House of Lords homepage:
Judicial Work:

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