Top Reasons to Choose Law as a Career

People already in the legal profession, whose fundamental purpose is to help others resolve their legal problems, will endorse the fact that law as a career is intellectually fulfilling carrying ample financial rewards. Law offers you diverse career options and qualified lawyers are in great demand as the legal profession is expanding at a rapid pace. Career consultants say legal profession is extremely lucrative in today’s employment market. Even many non-lawyers earn handsomely in the legal profession. There are also diverse specialization areas in the legal profession for those aspiring for a career in litigation – criminal law, civil law, labor law, family law, corporate law, contract law, international law etc.
There is immense intellectual satisfaction in the legal profession. Constantly in touch with advances in technology, regularly studying the vast bodies of case laws, mastering several issues of the legal importance with logic and clarity, analyzing case studies and statutory law, researching complex legal issues and becoming an adept at oral and written communications – are the intellectual rewards law as a career offers. In a culture that considers high earnings and social status as hallmarks of success, the legal profession has long been regarded as an elite profession commanding all round respect.  As a result, law as a career is one of the most sought-after professions by many.
With globalization, more and more business houses and corporations are expanding their activities beyond international borders through mergers, acquisitions, consolidation and collaboration with foreign institutions. This globalization provides today’s legal professionals with a world view and the opportunity to expand their horizons. The legal profession is continually evolving bringing in its train new challenges and attractive rewards. Law as a career is all about problem-solving and constantly meeting fresh challenges. There is no denying that the legal industry is thriving and now is a great time to embark on law as a career.
Law is an essential part of our everyday life and all of us live in a civilized society and within a legal framework. The law governs our conduct – some unlawful activities and behavior amount to crime; some other actions may be civil wrongs. Law is an ideal choice for anyone wishing to study law at a higher level it is a stimulating field for anyone who wants to know more about the legal framework in which we live. Although many laws have been in force for a long time, some areas of law are constantly changing due to political, technological, international and ethical influences. When you opt for law as a career, you need to be aware of these influences through knowledge of current affairs. Studying law helps to develop knowledge of current affairs.
Since law schools prepares you to be a lawyer, you will need to find out as much as possible about what law as a career is all about before you finally choose to attend a law school. Talk to practicing lawyers, find out what they like and dislike about their professional activities. Find out if they are happy or stressed, challenged, or discontented. Read legal journals and newspapers to find out about the advantages and disadvantages of the legal profession, current trends in hiring, current salary scales, and the nature of the profession.  Once you learn first hand what the practice of law is like, you will be much better prepared to embark on a legal career with confidence.

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    Kindly give me reasons to choose a career in Industrial Engineering or Engineering Management?
    Kindly give me reasons to choose a career in Industrial Engineering or Engineering Management?
    I have my bachelors from a foreign university and I have not been able to get a job with my degree in Quantity Surveying. Consequently, I intend to go to grad school for a degree that would build on my foundation in construction engineering and management and yet offer optimum versatility in the current economy. Your suggestion/advise is very much appreciated. Thanks

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    Why get a career in engineering? Because we will always need engineers and the pay is great!
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    Follow your heart.
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