What’s the difference in common law and case law?

From what I can tell, they’re both judge-made law. Is that correct? Are "case law" and "common law" just two names for the same thing?

Thanks for your help! I’ve read my text and my notes and I just don’t get the distinction!


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    corruption makes them equal but case law is actuallly regarding the balloons, red balloons, i used to have some once upon a time and my best friend had a nail with him, i think you can guess the result, so in this case we have a certain, and serious problem. Common law is a bit different, every morning I get up at 5:30, but my brother wakes up at 5:27 then I have to wait until he pisses off, it generally takes 4 minutes so i have to wait 1 minute, this is regarding the common law, one minute does not kill me suddenly, and at worst the court can punish my bro to pay couple of dollars, however, 20 years from now I can see the hazards of all those 1 minutes by suffering prostate.
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