Impeachment: If Nancy Won’t, Your State Can

Constitutional Law Attorney John Kaminski argues the case for impeachment and how the constitution allows for any state to initiate it.

Duration : 0:11:56

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The Kingdom of God and Voting

The Kingdom of God and Voting                                            By Claude Chikozho Many of the Lord’s saints do not realize how significant their votes are, they also do not take the time to ascertain the righteous relevance their votes could bear. It is important to note, that by casting one’s vote for a political party of your […]

Dress Code Is New Hot Button For The Houston Schools

School dress codes have been around for decades, but they gained more prominence in schools and are stricter in recent years in response to the permeation of gangs and violence within the schools at all levels. In addition to maintaining modesty within the schools, dress codes now ban gang paraphernalia, colors and symbols; shirts with […]

See the Promise in our Future

It is difficult to open a magazine or newspaper without seeing an article, if not several articles, on the subject of Barack Obama. His emergence as a Presidential candidate and on November 4, 2008 as President-Elect has captured the attention of the country and the world in a fashion never seen before. Even more surprising […]