5 Fundamental Rules to Survive the Economic Downturn

  In today’s economic climate it is important to set yourself and your business some fundamental rules to survive the downturn. Search Office Space, the original office broker, has put together 5 of them for businesses to follow in order to come through these difficult times. 1. Cut Overhead Costs One of the largest spends […]

How much money will Obama be able to appropriate through executive orders in his effort to bypass the House?

Obama might be able to use an executive order as president but no executive order, presidential veto will trump the House of Representatives ability to choose to not fund or "appropriate funding" for any of Obama’s lame programs. There is no constitutional basis for the president to legislate using executive orders. That would include making […]

Innovative Software and Technology Provider, Cornerstone Consulting, Launches Comgine E-commerce for Sap Business One Application

Cornerstone Consulting, a global provider of integrated accounting, electronic commerce, CRM, inventory management and shipping solutions, today announced the product launch of Comgine E-commerce for SAP Business One. Due to the success of Combine’s e-commerce platform for Sage Pro ERP, the development team expanded the capabilities of the software to integrate with SAP Business One. […]

Selling to Hi-tech Prospects with Direct Mail.

High technology prospects are different. They don’t respond like consumers and they don’t respond like other businesses. What works with them is often the opposite of what works with consumers. Here’s a primer on how to sell high-tech products to businesses using direct mail. Mail to people who won’t buy High-tech buying decisions are often […]

Visibility Comments on Eto in Design Product News

According to Stephen Carson, executive vice-president of Visibility Corporation, “ETO impacts the changing role of engineering in product design including, numerous possible product and design permutations, shifting customer specification, lengthy product design and approval process and engineering design release schedule synchronized with production.” According to manufacturing journalist, Thomas R. Cutler, in a recent issue of […]

Executive Director Jobs: Every Executive Director Job

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