How can the President govern by executive orders?

There is no basis for executive order in the Constitution. But the president has control over the administration, which is a large part of the government, so he is able to issue ‘standing orders’ for the military and the departments run by his cabinet. Congress has oversight of some presidential decisions, but because executive orders […]

Executive Pay

Daily Market Commentary for February 4, 2009 from Millennium-Traders.Com The president ordered the $500,000 cap on salaries and require that companies receiving “exceptional assistance” disclose all executive perks. (read more) Economic data released today: ADP (Automatic Data Processing (ADP)/Macroeconomic Advisers) Employment Report:Sees January U.S. Private Sector Jobs down 522,000; January U.S. Private Sector Jobs Expected […]

Selling to Hi-tech Prospects with Direct Mail.

High technology prospects are different. They don’t respond like consumers and they don’t respond like other businesses. What works with them is often the opposite of what works with consumers. Here’s a primer on how to sell high-tech products to businesses using direct mail. Mail to people who won’t buy High-tech buying decisions are often […]