Divorce Advice – How to Deal With Relationship Breakdown?

If counseling and discussion have proved unsuccessful and you see divorce as the only option, then it is best to try and do so amicably – especially if there are children involved. Even though you may not love each other anymore, you should try to avoid the spitefulness that can often accompany a relationship breakdown. […]

Where can I get some free legal advice re divorce?

I’m trying to save my marriage after my husband had an affair, not sure how things will turn out. Hoping for the best. But in case not- where can I get some legal advice about divorce in California? I have some money, he has none, and since he is at fault here I am not […]

Paralegals – The World Is Thy Oyster

In spite of ever increasing difficult economic times, there are a few areas of increasing job opportunities. These include paralegals and legal assistants. Paralegals and legal assistants are actually the individuals who help out the lawyers with much of their easier, “less legal” daily tasks, which leave lawyers more time to work on the “bigger” […]

Legal Advice From Lawyers, Short Sale Advice From Realtors

http://shortsalepowerhour.com/power-hour/brian-gubernick/ From Short Sale Pictures, Brian Gubernick stars as a faux Trent Chapman with a bone to pick. Murray the attorney leads little Mary teacher down a dark path. Sensing something is wrong, Gubernick springs into action. Will he, with his faithful sidekicks DareKEVIN The InFREDible Hulk be able to save the homeowners? In Theatres NOW! (This film is not yet rated)

Duration : 0:11:45

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Estate Planning Advice From Walters and Ward, A.p.c

The process of allocating everything a person owns, or his/her estate, is known as Estate Planning, which happens to be the focus of expertise and Walters and Ward. This planning will ease the process of dividing your estate amongst your heirs or loved ones once death occurs. It will save them time, money, and effort, […]

Definition of giving legal advice in regards to a paralegal?

Following up on a previous question on here: Response: "A paralegal can not give legal advice." …A paralegal can prepare documents, and advise about laws, but cannot give legal advice. Can you help me discern, in generalized terms, what is and what is not legal advice? For instance, a personal case could be presented to […]