2007 Annual Supreme Court Round Up

On July 13, 2007, former United States Solicitor General Theodore B. Olson delivered the Annual Supreme Court Round Up at the National Press Club in Washington, DC.

Duration : 1 hr 5 min 5 sec

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Will Landmark 1954 Brown V. Topeka Kansas be Overturned?

In 1896, the Plessey v. Ferguson court decision established the “separate but equal” doctrine, allowing that it was legal and fair to separate public school students by race and color as long as the education given was “equal”. As history has shown, the education was seldom fair or equal. Thus, in 1954 the landmark court […]

Researching an Economic Perspective of Copyright

When viewing the subject matter from two utilitarianism approaches and the Supreme Court decisions, compulsory copyright license does not prejudice the moral of the author. The reason for this is rooted in the essence of the copyright law itself, as the primary goal of it is to stimulate creation of scientific works and art. Consequently, […]

Explaining the Supreme Court on Campaign Finance

AP correspondent Jim Kuhnhenn explains the significance of the ruling by the U.S. Supreme Court that could change how presidential and congressional campaigns are funded, possibly opening the floodgates of money. (Jan. 21)

Duration : 0:2:38

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From House of Lords to Supreme Court

From 31 July 2009, the judicial function of the House of Lords and its role as the final – and highest – appeal court in the UK will end, bringing about a fundamental change to the work and role of the House of Lords.

A new United Kingdom Supreme Court, separating the judicial function from Parliament (those who make the law from those who interpret it in courts), will open in early October 2009 opposite the Houses of Parliament in Parliament Square – formerly the Middlesex Guildhall.

Lord Mance, one of the 12 Law Lords in the House of Lords, outlines the key changes to the judicial role of Parliament.

Find out more:
House of Lords homepage: http://www.parliament.uk/lords
Judicial Work: http://www.parliament.uk/business/judicial_work.cfm

Duration : 0:4:41

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Supreme Court stops Reddy brothers’ mining

A setback for Bellary’s mining barons – the Supreme Court has suspended the Reddy brothers’ mining operations in Andhra Pradesh over allegations of encroachment on forest land.

Duration : 0:1:49

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