What merits a court case to go to the supreme court?

Why would a case need to go to the supreme court when state courts have just as much power as supreme courts? What is the process in deciding what courts move to supreme court and which dont? According to the Constitution (Art. III, Β§2): β€œThe judicial Power shall extend to all Cases, in Law and […]

Employment Law – The Enforceability Of Post Employment Restraints Of Trade (vic.)

Employing highly intelligent and highly qualified employees in a range of sophisticated commercial businesses is a risky business for employers. To acquire competitive business advantage in an increasingly globalized and networked world of pharmaceuticals, genetics, telecommunications, power supply and information technology requires the employment of highly qualified, well educated, experienced and clever employees. Potential employers […]

Tournament of Roses – Culture Through the Ages

A tradition of over 100 years, the Pasadena Tournament of Roses welcomes the New Year warmly by celebrating it in grand style. Initiated on January 1st in 1980 in California, this revered event is a family affair; the Pasadena family together ensures it to be a standing success. Nearly a thousand members of the Tournament […]

Supreme Court Evaluates Violent Video Game Case

The Supreme Court heard arguments on whether California can ban the sale of violent video games to minors. Marcia Coyle of the National Law Journal explains the details.

Duration : 0:5:56

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What are some controversial supreme court cases?

I’m writing making a poster on a supreme court case, where i’m supposed to show both sides of the argument and side with one. Thing is, I’m terrible at this kind of stuff. What are some cases that are really controversial where there’s a lot to debate about? Roe v. Wade Planned Parenthood v. Casey […]

How did the Supreme Court show support for racist beliefs during the era following reconstruction? Explain.?

How did the Supreme Court show support for racist beliefs during the era following reconstruction? Explain. Your question is interesting and should be addressed, and yet such analysis should best occur in the context of what went before. Namely that, subsequent to the war, specific acts of the federal government (inclusive of court decisions) functionally […]