Justice Thomas On The Court’s Makeup: Supreme Court Week

An excerpt from Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas’ interview for C-SPAN’s Supreme Court Week is shown during Q&A, featuring Supreme Court Week executive producer Mark Farkas. In this excerpt, Justice Thomas describes the “heavily northeastern … mentality” of the Supreme Court Justices. “Eight of the nine of us are from Ivy League schools. This Court doesnt represent all regions of the country.” More on C-SPAN’s Supreme Court Week here: http://supremecourt.c-span.org/

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What merits a court case to go to the supreme court?

Why would a case need to go to the supreme court when state courts have just as much power as supreme courts? What is the process in deciding what courts move to supreme court and which dont? According to the Constitution (Art. III, §2): “The judicial Power shall extend to all Cases, in Law and […]

What Supreme Court cases showed the power of judicial review?

I’m not asking for the most influential cases, such as Roe vs. Wade, etc., but I’m asking for court cases that showed that the Court did make up part of the federal government. I’m saying that these cases probably went against what Congress and the president wanted at that time, but the Supreme Court made […]

THE SUPREME COURT | Episode 1 Excerpt | PBS

“The key lesson of Marbury vs. Madison is: Don’t give important documents to your brother.” –Ernest A. Young, University of Texas at Austin Check out this preview of The Supreme Court airing on PBS January 31, 2007 (check local listings). Episode 1: One Nation Under Law examines the creation of the court and follows it through the brink of the Civil War, paying particular attention to the fourth chief justice of the Supreme Court — John Marshall — and to his successor, Roger Taney … PBS …

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Supreme Court to Hear Violent Video Game Case

The U.S. Supreme Court will hear arguments Tuesday about the federal court’s decision to throw out California’s ban on violent games, marking the first time a case involving the interactive medium itself has gone before the Supreme Court. (Nov. 1)

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