Human Rights and Democracy at the End of Aspect in Bangladesh

Human Rights and Democracy at the end of aspect in Bangladesh

The political climate of the Country has been changing from the independence of Bangladesh. It got the independence from Pakistan in 1971 to protect and preserve the rights and freedom of its population which was on threat in Pakistan regime. In 1974 it becomes the member of United Nations and from that it is committed to uphold the UDHR and secure the rights of its citizens. The Country has a long history of military rule in various unexpected occasions but all these evident strongly proved strong desire of the citizens towards democratic process with due course of law. But the people of the sovereign always support the elected system which refers the parliamentary system and democracy. The people of Bangladesh always prefer and expect the democratic government which should come into power with due process of constitution after holding a credible election as per the constitutional mandate not in any other way. All classes of citizens desire that they should be governed by a government, which shall come with a general election and with the popularity of majority voters of Bangladesh, and they never expect any kinds of autonomous or non-elected authority in the name of Government.

Parliamentary elections, which were to take place in January 2007, were postponed due to violent disagreement between the two major political blocs over the preparations of the elections. On 11 January 2007, the President declared a state of emergency.

A new caretaker government under Chief Adviser Fakhruddin Ahmed was installed with the backing of the military. After the 5 years tenure of BNP (last) government the caretaker government has come into the power as the process of constitution with a lot of debatable persons. The country was in crisis of non-party or impartial person for the chair of the chief advisor of non-party caretaker government.

The first assembly of non-party caretaker government had oath on October 2006. But the rights and freedom of citizens were fully protected by the supreme law the Constitution of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh. However, the chief election commissioner appointed in the first time was the most disputed person though his appointment had legal authenticity.
But on that time with the bitter intervention of foreign diplomats in the internal politics of country the political climate had been changed as political calamity and therefore day by day the inside political atmosphere of the country became more uncertain. In the meantime the weakness of Presidential power finally turned off the hope-light of the nation. Unexpectedly the first assembly of Caretaker Government falls down on early January 2007 with an uncertain future of the country for impalpable plan of foreign diplomats (as demanded by media & specialists). EU considered this abnormal circumstance as their experiment on human right violation because where every day people’s life become more and more dangerous and the commission of EU addressed that they were monitoring the situation very seriously and human rights violation is sustainable in Bangladesh. By their intervention together with foreign diplomats the internal political atmosphere of the country turned away to an unpredictable disaster and the human rights faced the final stage inside the country. The non-party caretaker government assembly of the caretaker government broke down for their incompetence to an uncertain future of Country. The final disaster came with failure of free fair and credible and transparent election. The second military backed assembly of the caretaker government headed by Mr. Fakruddin Ahmed (former employee of World Bank) came into effect from 11 January 2007. In the meantime the people who always desire the democracy and freedom of citizens had lost their language by the proclamation of State Emergency on 11 January 2007. Military backed government took the power with trampling the hope and desire of democracy loved citizens and by burial of human rights and freedom of speech. With crystal violation of Constitution the semi-martial government starts their journey in the name of upholding and regaining the democracy in the state as well as to curb rampant corruption. Mr. Fokruddin becomes the chief adviser of the military-led government who has no constitutional legality as well as impartiality or popularity in Bangladesh.
The government is trying to preserve & protect the interest of foreign policy without caring the sovereignty of Bangladesh.
Incompetency of government taking the future of this country towards an unpredictable danger.

People’s are always being afraid of Join forces to be arrested without any constructive reason.

Now a day there is nothing like Human Rights & Fundamental Rights in Bangladesh rather the arbitrary operation of “The Emergency Power Ordinance 2007”.

Social, political & economical sectors are being destroyed through the enactment of various Laws without bothering the interest and undue effect of these laws.

Government is taking every action with the military backing where the image of our precious armed forces distinctly in question.
Government is playing with various sensitive issues which are not even possible for an elected government.

The people should demonstrate for securing the constitution and the sovereignty as well as the interest of citizens.

Save the country from foreign strategy,

Speak for the democracy,

Speak for the rights of citizens,

Speak against every illegitimate action of Government,

Speak for Human Rights,

Save the Country Save the Humanity.

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