The Kingdom of God and Voting

The Kingdom of God and Voting

                                           By Claude Chikozho

Many of the Lord’s saints do not realize how significant their votes are, they also do not take the time to ascertain the righteous relevance their votes could bear. It is important to note, that by casting one’s vote for a political party of your choice, you would also be empowering that party to establish either a blessing, or a curse in the land or nation that you’re a citizen of. For no legal governing party, has ever obtained ruling power of itself, it is always the people voting for them, that empowers them to govern. That’s why it’s absolutely vital for a Christian to be inundated with that party’s beliefs, as their votes would yoke them into agreement with the policies of that particular party. For instance, if they condone the legal killing of babies, homosexual marital rights, or any other humanistic policy, or laws that are in direct conflict against the word of God. By casting your vote for them, you wouldn’t only be consenting to these abominable ideologies; but as mentioned, you would also be in agreement with them. Which in turn could be implemented as the country’s constitutional laws, if they were to rule, as a result of not only your vote, but of many uninformed and undiscerning Christians.

The bible clearly states in the book of Proverbs 28 vs. 4:”They who keep the law of God contend with the wicked.” The Apostle Peter also reminds us in his first epistle in the second chapter, he say’s: “But ye are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, an holy nation, a peculiar people; that ye should shew forth the praises of Him who hath called you out of darkness into His marvelous light.” these biblical references clarify, that we are children of the light and not darkness, therefore it wouldn’t be godly, for us to be unequally yoked together in votes with people, who have absolutely no love nor fear for the God we call Abba Father. Also bear in mind, that He is not a God of democracy; His ideology, is theocracy. In a democratic society, people do what they think or feel to be their right to do, where as in theocracy, the peoples life’s are governed by the mind and word of God.

It also wouldn’t be proper for any born again Christian, to cast his or her vote on bases of nationality or skin color. Just because somebody looks and speaks like you, doesn’t necessarily qualify them as your brother or sister, as they may not be born of the Spirit of God. This really is a question of Kingdoms, the Kingdom of God; or the Kingdoms of this world, that are under the influence, or as in many cases, the rule of the lawless one. Their is also a new deception of the enemy in politics today, it is called, pro choice. By this one, the Devil has already deceived many Christians.Pro choice simply says, it is your choice if you want to kill your baby, we as government will only furnish you a safe, and clean environment to legally commit this murder. As if it was ever the government’s choice, as to who should keep or abort their baby. It was always the mother’s choice; whether legal or illegal, this is just another crafty way of getting more votes, especially from unsuspecting Christians, who are led to believe that this policy actually acquits the government from these horrendous acts. Do not be deceived, for what ever government permits, has been deemed legal by it, regardless of whose choice it is.

In conclusion, the word of God in Proverbs 29 vs. 2, declares that:” when the righteous are in authority, the people rejoice: but when the wicked rule, the land shall mourn.” By this scripture we learn that when an individual transgresses the word of God, his iniquity will affect only him and his generations after him, but when government approves of these abominations, it affects the whole land, or should I say nation. Leviticus 18 v 24 – 28 is also clear, that by doing or allowing these abominations in the land, the land will not only spew you out, but God will visit the iniquities there of, this saints, can only be His judgment. In the book of Amos the Lord says,” will trouble come to a city, and I the Lord have not sent it?” It is also written” The Kingdom of God, rules over the kingdom of the heathen” This means that the Kingdoms of this world will answer to the God of all creation, for all these abominations. We all have witnessed earth shaking tragedies that have struck many nations in this world, on such a great scale that people questioned, and asked where was God at the time? The answer, as you have just read is in the word of God. Though it is both wonderful and patriotic for any Christian to want to make a difference, by casting his or her vote, but if all hands are defiled, the bible warns, have no part in other men’s sin, In other words, its better not to vote. For this is the Kingdom of God way.

God bless you

Claude Chikozho


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    (February 26, 2010 - 9:31 pm)

    As a dual-national of both Pakistan and the United Kingdom, what are my voting rights?
    Can anyone tell me about my voting rights?


    (February 27, 2010 - 2:33 am)

    Check with the election commission in the country you are living in.
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