To Control Terrorism

The main Security Agencies and public policing agencies in India do not have any centralized data system of citizens to curb down the sensitive problems of terrorism, infiltration, and the movements of violent organizations. The Law enforcement machinery reacts measures after the terror attack occurs, in a manual check mode, Which is highly impractical in this advanced age. The adjoining countries Such as Pakistan, China, Nepal, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka are major sources of Infiltration to India, Where similar cultures & similar human race exist,Therefore the Segregation & Analysis of the intruder is a difficult task on level of manual checking.


From 1970 to 2004, 12,539 terrorist-related fatalities occurred in India, an average of almost 360 fatalities per year from terrorism in India. These fatalities peaked in 1991 and 1992, when 1,184 and 1,132 individuals, respectively, were killed in such incidents.

Efficient Strategies are required in IB that compete with International Levels of Information & Technology. Centralized Database of Citizen’s is the basic & Best tool for IB, CBI, Police. With help of Centralized database, the Security Agencies will be aware on the classifications of its own citizen’s & the intruders from neighboring Countries or the black listed Individuals with the needful history data Of all its citizens for the Social Security. Centralization is highly Authentic as well as Centralization saves Huge Cost of the Government with use of Same data to various Departments of the Governance According to their Needs & Rights. Example Railways, Metro, Income tax Collection are visible examples of Successful Centralization of Citizen Data.

Since September 11, terror attack on twin towers, America was able to control all activities Of Terror, This happened due to authentic National Database, not due to increase in Security forces. This Fact is highly considerable because In country Like India – Can we be assured that there will be No Terror attack After this Taj attack in Mumbai yesterday or Does India has the strategy to deal or control The future Terror Operations? Does India Knows who are Indians & Who are Anti nation Indians ? IT Companies like Infosys, Wipro, TCS make Huge Data Systems for other countries, but Indian State is not even utilizing the best In house IT resources. There are 52 Countries having authentic National Database Systems in their Countries including China, Africa, Argentina & many Developing / Underdeveloped Countries. This is due to realization of the importance of Citizen Database With the ruling People of those Countries.

Are our Parliamentarians competent or well versed with the Security Technology in comparison to Governance in other countries?

There are – 800 active cells of terrorism are working in our country, a statement of chief security advisor to P.M. How can we see the future of our progressing country safe?

Conclusion Points:

1. Constitutional Citizen Ship Act 14A should apply by Law not in form of Duty of Citizen.

2. Implementation of Centralized National Data of All Citizen, Migrants, etc.

3. All data will be used to Stop Infiltration from all borders of Sea, Air and Boundaries.

4. Internal Security check at all points of requirement of State including Police PCR.

5. Control on Violent organizations that co exist & grow with local communities

6. All Permanent address & Rented address of all citizen will be a part of centralized data

7. Financial Bank Accounts scrutiny from all required Points by IB, CBI acc. To rights

8. Control & Watch on Incoming Suspicious Travelers

9. History Check for identity / Qualification from the data before recruitment in Forces

10. Buying/renting vehicle to be sold by checking citizen data card

11. Cell / phone subscription to be issued by checking citizen data card 12. Hotel checking
by data card or passport if non indian

12. Employment in private sector to be given after citizen data verified by govt. Agency

13. University admissions after getting citizen data verified

14. Control in smuggling of arms by giving citizen data number verified for exporting or delivery of consignment.


1. All these given data points are already being collected by govt. Agencies but all the data remains least useful & highly highly, about 25 times expensive due to non centralization & linking to centralized citizen data number.

2. Data is lifeline of governance or institution or school or any big organization. Even Pakistan has this system, implementation differs country to country.

Indian Social Security – our NGO filed a PIL on Centralized National Database System in Supreme Court, The S.C. appreciated the cause but no orders were issued With a reply of Chief Justice that It’s a Policy matter & recommended to Government, But the Govt. is already aware on the importance of National Database but due to its State Politics, importance of National Social Cause of urgency has been diluted.

Indian Social Security – 43077777, 9810220431

Gurbinder Singh

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5 thoughts on “To Control Terrorism


    (May 1, 2010 - 8:01 pm)

    What you think why Congress is not able to control terrorism or not able to keep pressure on Paki's.?Major Res?
    Please reply us with a big accuse or reason that why Congress is not able to control terrorism or not able to keep pressure on Paki’s and not able to control price hiking and not able to control bomb blasts. Now how many peoples have to give their life to nation in bomb blast.???


    (May 2, 2010 - 1:03 am)

    they are not having the big authority of handling terrorism
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    (May 2, 2010 - 1:05 am)

    If this is the UK, well, the UK is of Pakistani and Indian origin by about 40% as far as I saw last time I was there.
    So I am not surprised.
    Price hiking is due to a recession and the UK not having the Euro they are fighting it all on their own.
    Where I am now (betw germany and france) prices have come down big way so I know what I am saying.
    Also the UK likes to live on borrowed money and inflating home prices to the max and your bubble just burst I am afraid.
    I lose too as I own sterlings that are slowly going worthless.
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    Polls and nothing else.

    (May 2, 2010 - 1:07 am)

    We need a special authority that handles nothing but terrorism. ONLY then we can fight terrorism how we want to fight.
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    Kindly vote for Yahoo answers.

    K.Bala m

    (May 2, 2010 - 1:09 am)

    Yes congress proved that they are totally unfit to rule the whole nation in the five years.Then on terrorism,BJP controlled it by POTA act.But when congress came to power it remove the act and lot of people died in the five years.Even now it unable to give extreme pressure to pak. for MUMBAI ATTACKS..
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