Year in review – Top 12 News stories of 2005

As yet another New Year dawns, it is time for us to look back on 2005 and view from the outside all that happened. There were joys, triumphs, and tears. That everything that happens is a learning experience is quite true.

Among the many occurrences of 2005 news stories that were significant were:

Google made history in June 2005 as its share price made it the most highly valued media company.

Hurricanes of great intensity hit the US disrupting life in all its aspects. Of these Katrina was the worst and the long predicted nightmare for New Orleans came true. Attributed as an effect of global warming scientists are making all efforts to protect the country from disasters of this kind.

In research among the many achievements was the sequencing of the chimpanzee genome. Bringing mankind a step closer to understanding himself.

Oil prices skyrocketed to reach $3.07 a gallon in September. The rising demand for crude in the US and China contributed along with the hurricane along the Gulf coast to rising prices.

That Michael Jackson was a wacko was proven at court.

As promised by President Bush, Iraq went to polls on Dec 15 to vote in a constitutional parliament.

The investigation into the CIA leak resulted in Bush adviser Karl Rove being brought before the grand jury four times and the resignation after indictment of former chief of staff Lewis Libby.

President Bush was sworn in for the second term in January. He stressed the need to improve economy, provide reliable energy, improve student achievements, and improve health care. He emphasized that the US was working for good throughout the world.

The Chicago White Sox won the World Series. Their last wins were in 1906 and 1917—this win came after 88 years.

The life-or-death battle came to the forefront with the case of Terri Schiavo who was severely brain damaged. With a raging national debate, 20 states introduced or passed bills to state clearly the defining terms of consent and guardianship in relation to life-prolonging medical procedures.

Pope John Paul II died in April after having led the Roman Catholic Church for 26 years.

Delta Air Lines and Northwest Airlines the nations no 3 &4 carriers filed for bankruptcy. High labor costs and spiraling fuel prices put the carriers in bankruptcy court along with United Airlines.

It was a year of great contrasts. There were triumphs and tears. In every field of endeavor be in business, entertainment, science, politics, or law there were ups and downs. There were valuable lessons to be learnt in many things as also a time for retrospection – are we headed in the right direction?

Paul Wilson

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23 thoughts on “Year in review – Top 12 News stories of 2005

    David M

    (February 22, 2010 - 9:06 pm)

    Clinton had one proven scandal in 8 years. Bush had 34 in his first four and the list grows exponentially.?
    Due to the high number of Bush scandals I will not attempt to print them all here. I will simply ask you o review this first:
    Conservatives impeached Clinton for a BJ because they had nothing else. Meanwhile Bush has defecated all over the constitution and we sit by and let him display his hate for the American flag and the freedoms that were won by the forefathers. What does it take to get him out of office? Why do we rollover and allow these guys to continue to run our country into the ground?
    garfieldkat all 34 are listed here as referred to above: Read them all if you can stand knowing what your president has been up to behind your back!
    Cons you keep saying Clinton had more than one but not one of you can name anything other than Lewinski. Btw, getting a bj or lying about getting a bj is still impeachment for a bj. You want to play semantics but still can’t offer anything more than the bj scandal.
    scottdman you have no scandals there just a bunch of firsts to be this or that…Give me one scandal with a source!
    Sorry "Just The Fox" that Faux News weak attempt to save Libby through Ann Coulter’s known distortion was blown out of the water with his conviction. It was proven that Plame was an operative. But that is only one scandal. I have more…

    Evan B

    (February 23, 2010 - 2:08 am)

    We should impeach the American people who reelected this crowd.
    References :


    (February 23, 2010 - 2:10 am)

    Well, impeachment hearings are led by the Senate, and for the majority of Bush’s time in office, it was held by his party. Thus, they would not want to impeach him. Now, with the Democratic led Congress, they have better things to handle and deal with then going after someone who will be soon out of office.
    References :

    Just the facts

    (February 23, 2010 - 2:12 am)

    Let him stay in office. It will serve as a reminder to the American people to vote all republicans out of office in 2008. I like the sound of a permanent republican minority. They are clueless when it comes to governing anyways.
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    (February 23, 2010 - 2:14 am)

    The President has scandals courtesy of the Defeatocrats. If he has done something illegal,Charge him!
    clinton was impeached for lying to the grand jury~
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    (February 23, 2010 - 2:16 am)

    So commentor above…
    at least name a couple more.
    I’m not dem or repub but it does some many more scandals
    and lives lost under the current administration.
    But over all I really wish dems and repubs would lay down party politics.

    Below is the link for a well made documentary.
    Great comments by current and retired military personnel. This is important especially for those of us who have served or who are serving and also those of you with children as someday we may see a draft reinstated and we should all be clear on what we are fighting for.

    Democrats and Repubs should lay down party politics and get serious about doing the right thing so that the country’s citizens and the country’s soldiers are not put in harms way unnecessarily. Very well made documentary and a little hard to want to face.

    this link shows one of a 10 part documentary
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    (February 23, 2010 - 2:18 am)

    sorry, bs. bush isn’t going to be impeached because of your biased liberal opinion!! clinton underwent impeachment proceedings for PERJURY. if you don’t like this country, leave.
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    (February 23, 2010 - 2:20 am)

    You elect republicans by running useless goofballs like John Kerry. You are going to lose again when you run Hillary, so commie she scares the Democrats. So until you can find a JFK, better learn to like republicans.

    Obama? You gotta be sh*ttin’ me. Him and Hillary the best you can do? Then you deserve to lose.
    References :

    Common Sense

    (February 23, 2010 - 2:22 am)

    Petty dems call breathing a "scandal".

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    (February 23, 2010 - 2:24 am)

    I don’t know where you get your information from, but your recall of the Clinton years is highly lacking. The ongoing investigations of the Clinton Administration were stopped by Bush when he took office. BTW he was impeached for lying under oath, not for getting a BJ, get a clue stop being brain washed by your handlers.

    How many scandals have there been in the Bush Administration? 34 you say. I think you should list them. I think you counted wrong. I can think of the Valerie Plame blame game. What are the others Skippy?
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    (February 23, 2010 - 2:26 am)

    Because Bush conservatives don’t see anything WRONG with what their Fuhrer is doing, and quite frankly, we don’t have enough UNITY to override what has been embedded political arrogance in both the Judicial, Executive, and Legislative branches of our own government.
    References :

    just the facts

    (February 23, 2010 - 2:28 am)

    Your math is quite fuzzy!Shooting Elephants in a Barrel
    by Ann Coulter (More by this author)
    Posted: 03/07/2007
    Lewis Libby has now been found guilty of perjury and obstruction of justice for lies that had absolutely no legal consequence.
    It was not a crime to reveal Valerie Plame’s name because she was not a covert agent. If it had been a crime, Special Prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald could have wrapped up his investigation with an indictment of the State Department’s Richard Armitage on the first day of his investigation since it was Armitage who revealed her name and Fitzgerald knew it.
    With no crime to investigate, Fitzgerald pursued a pointless investigation into nothing, getting a lot of White House officials to make statements under oath and hoping some of their recollections would end up conflicting with other witness recollections, so he could charge some Republican with "perjury" and enjoy the fawning media attention.
    As a result, Libby is now a convicted felon for having a faulty memory of the person who first told him that Joe Wilson was a delusional boob who lied about his wife sending him to Niger.

    This makes it official: It’s illegal to be Republican.
    Since Teddy Kennedy walked away from a dead girl with only a wrist slap (which was knocked down to a mild talking-to, plus time served: zero), Democrats have apparently become a protected class in America, immune from criminal prosecution no matter what they do.
    As a result, Democrats have run wild, accepting bribes, destroying classified information, lying under oath, molesting interns, driving under the influence, obstructing justice and engaging in sex with underage girls, among other things.
    Meanwhile, conservatives of any importance constantly have to spend millions of dollars defending themselves from utterly frivolous criminal prosecutions. Everything is illegal, but only Republicans get prosecuted.
    Conservative radio personality Rush Limbaugh was subjected to a three-year criminal investigation for allegedly buying prescription drugs illegally to treat chronic back pain. Despite the witch-hunt, Democrat prosecutor Barry E. Krischer never turned up a crime.
    Even if he had, to quote liberal Harvard Law professor Alan Dershowitz: "Generally, people who illegally buy prescription drugs are not prosecuted." Unless they’re Republicans.
    The vindictive prosecution of Limbaugh finally ended last year with a plea bargain in which Limbaugh did not admit guilt. Gosh, don’t you feel safer now? I know I do.
    In another prescription drug case with a different result, last year, Rep. Patrick Kennedy (Democrat), apparently high as a kite on prescription drugs, crashed a car on Capitol Hill at 3 a.m. That’s abuse of prescription drugs plus a DUI offense. Result: no charges whatsoever and one day of press on Fox News Channel.
    I suppose one could argue those were different jurisdictions. How about the same jurisdiction?
    In 2006, Democrat and major Clinton contributor Jeffrey Epstein was nabbed in Palm Beach in a massive police investigation into his hiring of local underage schoolgirls for sex, which I’m told used to be a violation of some kind of statute in the Palm Beach area.
    The police presented Limbaugh prosecutor Krischer with boatloads of evidence, including the videotaped statements of five of Epstein’s alleged victims, the procurer of the girls for Epstein and 16 other witnesses.
    But the same prosecutor who spent three years maniacally investigating Limbaugh’s alleged misuse of back-pain pills refused to bring statutory rape charges against a Clinton contributor. Enraging the police, who had spent months on the investigation, Krischer let Epstein off after a few hours on a single count of solicitation of prostitution. The Clinton supporter walked, and his victims were branded as whores.
    The Republican former House Whip Tom DeLay is currently under indictment for a minor campaign finance violation. Democratic prosecutor Ronnie Earle had to empanel six grand juries before he could find one to indict DeLay on these pathetic charges — and this is in Austin, Texas (the Upper West Side with better-looking people).
    That final grand jury was so eager to indict DeLay that it indicted him on one charge that was not even a crime — and which has since been tossed out by the courts.
    After winning his primary despite the indictment, DeLay decided to withdraw from the race rather than campaign under a cloud of suspicion, and Republicans lost one of their strongest champions in Congress.
    Compare DeLay’s case with that of Rep. William "The Refrigerator" Jefferson, Democrat. Two years ago, an FBI investigation caught Jefferson on videotape taking $100,000 in bribe money. When the FBI searched Jefferson’s house, they found $90,000 in cash stuffed in his freezer. Two people have already pleaded guilty to paying Jefferson the bribe money.
    Two years later, Bush’s Justice Department still has taken no action against Jefferson. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi recently put Rep. William Jefferson on the Homeland Security Committee.
    Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, Democrat, engaged in a complicated land swindle, buying a parcel of land for $400,000 and selling it for over $1 million a few years later. (At least it wasn’t cattle futures!)
    Reid also received more than four times as much money from Jack Abramoff (nearly $70,000) as Tom DeLay ($15,000). DeLay returned the money; Reid refuses to do so. Why should he? He’s a Democrat.
    Former Clinton national security adviser Sandy Berger literally received a sentence of community service for stuffing classified national security documents in his pants and then destroying them — big, fat federal felonies.
    But Scooter Libby is facing real prison time for forgetting who told him about some bozo’s wife.
    Bill Clinton was not even prosecuted for obstruction of justice offenses so egregious that the entire Supreme Court staged a historic boycott of his State of the Union address in 2000.
    By contrast, Linda Tripp, whose only mistake was befriending the office hosebag and then declining to perjure herself, spent millions on lawyers to defend a harassment prosecution based on far-fetched interpretations of state wiretapping laws.
    Liberal law professors currently warning about the "high price" of pursuing terrorists under the Patriot Act had nothing but blood lust for Tripp one year after Clinton was impeached (Steven Lubet, "Linda Tripp Deserves to be Prosecuted," New York Times, 8/25/99).
    Criminal prosecution is a surrogate for political warfare, but in this war, Republicans are gutless appeasers.
    Bush has got to pardon Libby.
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    (February 23, 2010 - 2:30 am)

    Clinton had a helluva lot more than one. Who do you think you are kidding?
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    (February 23, 2010 - 2:32 am)


    No, I wont blame you

    I blame whoever is splattering around this disgusting bile

    Clinton was a filthy, disgusting person. I’m not talking about the affair, or lying under oath.

    his military folk told him this
    And he put it off.
    And they lost their chance
    And look
    References :


    (February 23, 2010 - 2:34 am)

    While he and his advisors have had more then their share of scandals, impeachment at this point would serve no purpose… Better to let him continue burying himself while others spend the next year and a half exposing more serious issues.

    It has already begun, it will get much worse. He has few watching his back now… and if he goes down, so do many others. It will ensure that a real change must happen… He is hovering at 20% approval. Expect lower. It is all just a matter of cleaning up after him and his cohorts now.
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    (February 23, 2010 - 2:36 am)

    You want to talk scandals????? Try these..

    – The only president ever impeached on grounds of personal malfeasance
    – Most number of convictions and guilty pleas by friends and associates*
    – Most number of cabinet officials to come under criminal investigation
    – Most number of witnesses to flee country or refuse to testify
    – Most number of witnesses to die suddenly
    – First president sued for sexual harassment.
    – First president accused of rape.
    – First first lady to come under criminal investigation
    – Largest criminal plea agreement in an illegal campaign contribution case
    – First president to establish a legal defense fund.
    – First president to be held in contempt of court
    – Greatest amount of illegal campaign contributions
    – Greatest amount of illegal campaign contributions from abroad
    * According to our best information, 40 government officials were indicted or convicted in the wake of Watergate. A reader computes that there was a total of 31 Reagan era convictions, including 14 because of Iran-Contra and 16 in the Department of Housing & Urban Development scandal. 47 individuals and businesses associated with the Clinton machine were convicted of or pleaded guilty to crimes with 33 of these occurring during the Clinton administration itself. There were in addition 61 indictments or misdemeanor charges. 14 persons were imprisoned. A key difference between the Clinton story and earlier ones was the number of criminals with whom he was associated before entering the White House.
    References :
    If Bush has so many that are impeachable offenses, why hasn’t your liberal leaders taken the lead in doing something about it?


    (February 23, 2010 - 2:38 am)

    This goes beyond bias liberism, its about the fact



    Cant you people take responsibilty for all the bad you do, or are you so hell bent on getting your way you are willing to allow a terrorist attck on our soil, and then invade a country to get it.

    Bush has one scandel after anather you can try to hide from them but the fact is if your hand is cought in the cookie jar, no matter what you say or who cought you

    your hand is still somewhere it does not belong
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    (February 23, 2010 - 2:40 am)

    Clinton had one real scandal,and he was impeached because he looked America in the eyes and lied about it. Ever since then liberals have been diligently trying to get back at conservatives by trying everything they can to create an impeachable offence by Bush. If there was one there is no doubt the liberal media would have nailed him by now……. Keep trying guys.
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    (February 23, 2010 - 2:42 am)

    It’s just pathetically funny how Rep’s get answers out of their sleeves, no matter how silly it is!
    Even though that, Clinton was impeached because he lied not because of BJ, how about Bushy!! he’s been lying up to his teeth since day one!!! In few days, it has been 5 years since he declared " mission accomplished"!!!! " bring it on "!! guess what, so they did!!! now he’s got his tail tucked in and eating his words!!!! PATHETIC!
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    (February 23, 2010 - 2:44 am)

    It wasn’t that he got a bj.

    It’s that he got a bj from Monica.

    We expected BETTER from Billy, and he disappointed us.
    Now, if it had been some super hot CNN reporter or something, he would have praised.
    References :

    Henry VIII

    (February 23, 2010 - 2:46 am)

    Clinton got a bj and lied about it to a grand jury. That is indeed a no no. Most countries were laughing at us for making such a big deal out of what powerful men do all the time. Most Americans didn’t give a whit about it. But the Neocon Congress led by Newton Leroy Gingrich, who was having an extramarital affair at the time, decided to spend millions of dollars on a show trial. Slick Willy stayed in office and Newton left.

    Impeachment is not the answer for all the Bush scandals. Which one would you impeach him on first, it would be too hard to decide. Besides, we need him and Dick around to remind people why they should not be voting Republican for awhile. I feel sorry for the mainstream Republicans but they allowed the neocons to take over and run their party so they should take what they get. Can you say Democratic landslide? …..I knew you could.

    The Democrats finally have someone worth supporting. Bush didn’t beat Kerry last time Kerry lost to Bush. Kerry was the wrong choice from the beginning. But that is water under the bridge.
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    (February 23, 2010 - 2:48 am)

    Wow… I remember when Clinton was in office there was only LOVE.
    But look at this:
    References :


    (February 23, 2010 - 2:50 am)

    I find it fascinating that not a single person who has posted thus far has been able to come up with more than 34 offenses for Clinton. One had a long list, but they were mostly about the same thing, (that infamous BJ) and of course, they had absolutely no citation of where they got their information, except possibly from memory about the smear campaigns that were staged. It’s obvious none of them took the time to read the article. I will concede it is an opinion article, but at least someone has done the legwork.

    One point to note: For most of Clinton’s presidency, the Republicans Ruled, and of course, blew up every transgression. While all of this has been going down with Bush, up until recently, Republicans Ruled. Look at what has come out in the last 4 months since the Dems took over Congress.

    It is revolting that Republicans will quote people like Ann Coulter, who has already been shown to have lied by the testimony of Valerie Plame that she was a covert agent, and will still spit out the same talking points over and over, without considering that there may be some wrongdoing on the part of the Administration. Not only will the spew talking points, they don’t even bother to take the time to watch C-SPAN, or do any of their own research to find out if what they are saying is actually true.

    This is the age of the internet, and you can find just about anything you want with a few clicks. The Republicans on this website blame liberals or Democrats for creating terrorism and being anti-American. And I pity them for it. They are more anti-American for their lies and distortions of truth that will put criminals into the White House to thrust our country into debt, and literally take soldiers’ lives away by sending them to war under a false pretense.

    Thank you for the article. I will now be a responsible American patriot and try and find out if, in fact, these 34 items have merit, so formulate my own opinion, and not blindly accept what I am told.
    References :
    All tyranny needs to gain a foothold is for people of good conscience to remain silent – Thomas Jefferson.

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