Where does the president get the authority for executive orders that bypass the legislative process and Constitution?

That is an excellent question, I have been wondering that myself. I have read the Constitution myself and I can’t find where the Constitution states that the president is allowed to issue "executive orders". I have listened to many Constitutional Lawyers, and one thing that I hear all the time is that an executive order can not contradict existing law. So when Bart Stubak gave his vote for the Health care bill on the basis that the President would issue an executive order banning abortion, that was the most stupid thing Stubak did. The Presidential Executive Order can not go against existing law, and since the new Health Care bill says that the government will pay for abortions, that is the law. Executive orders can not go against existing law. The Senate and the House of Representatives are the ones that make the laws of this country, not the President. It does not matter which President, or how many executive orders a President wrote. When a President thinks that they are above the Constitution we are in trouble. President Obama does not like our Constitution, he has said in the past, "I do not like the Constitution, because it tells me what I can not do. Not what I can do". All he has to do is read it and find out for himself that the main thing that he is to do is provide protection for the American people, meaning secure our borders. That is his first and foremost important job. As a commentator said over the weekend, has anyone realized that the industries that have been bailed out are the most "regulated industries"? The banks, the car manufacturers, Wall Street, are all heavily regulated. McDonald’s and Burger King did not need to be bailed out.