Equity Through Secured Loans: Alleviating the Financial Pressures of Divorce

It’s a fact: around 20 per cent of marriages in the UK currently end in divorce and while many couples do attempt to remedy their situation by means of counselling or compromise, their efforts are unfortunately not always successful. Moreover, in reference to historical trends, this figure looks set to rise at a steady pace.

Divorce can take its toll on many areas of life, concerning anything from child custody to the emotional wellbeing of everyone involved. However, divorce carries much more than an emotional burden – it can also be one of the most costly expenditures for anyone to face.

The process of a divorce is undoubtedly expensive; in fact, most divorces cost anywhere between £15,000 – £50,000 in the form of divorce attorneys, moving expenses and property appraisers, among various other indispensable costs. However, most people are not financially prepared for such costs – let alone the emotional burden of a divorce, thus making the process tremendously stressful. But while a divorce can be one of the most difficult times in anyone’s life, there are certainly ways to alleviate the strain. Bearing in mind that the financial aspect of a divorce is often one of the most weighty, releasing equity through a secured loan may be a good place to start.

If an individual owns property that is worth more than the mortgage and other debts secured against it, the excess amount is known as equity. It’s possible to release equity in order to raise a lump sum of cash, which can in turn be used for anything from taking care of divorce expenses to settling outstanding debts. One way to release equity is to keep an existing mortgage while taking out a loan that’s secured against the equity in a property. This, in essence, allows borrowers to “unlock” and borrow funds against the value of their home. However, it’s also important to remember that when an individual obtains a secured loan, he or she agrees to offer their property as security for their loan.

Equity release plans can be complicated, not to mention a major step to take. Moreover, the asset in question when obtaining a secured loan is your home – therefore, good advice is essential. If you’re considering equity release through a secured loan to help with the costs of your divorce, rest assured that there are many secured loan specialists who can help arrange a suitable financial agreement. Furthermore, a specialist can help arrange fair deals for both people, factoring in all the relevant legal details. By taking unique circumstances into consideration, a secured loan can do wonders to alleviate the many financial pressures of a divorce.

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