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Accident Lawyer UK offers a risk-free car accident claim service, providing no-cost legal advice and assistance on a no win no fee basis. Consequently, you need not finance your claim or pay expenses as it makes its way along the legal process. If you win compensation, we assure that you will receive its value in full. We will not make deductions or charge costs. Submit your details now, and an expert solicitor, a member of the esteemed Law Society Panel of personal injury experts, will call to offer you risk and cost-free information on how you could go about winning compensation.

Motor collisions cause 200,000 injuries every year. They are responsible for 3,000 deaths, and 40,000 serious injuries. They are also a source of injustice, with the key victims in the accident often not sufficiently compensated for the hardship they have faced. Do not be a victim in this way. You may be able to prove liability in a car accident claim and ensure you receive the damages you are due. To facilitate this we recommend that you make certain steps to preserve evidence and avoid being denied the compensation you may be owed :-

1.record the names and contact details of other drivers involved in the accident

2.where possible, record their insurance details and details from their driving licence

3.collect the registration number of other cars or motorbikes involved in the accident

4.record the names and collar numbers of any police officers called to the scene

5.photograph your vehicle from several angles

6.comprehensively photograph the other vehicles involved in the incident

7.photograph the scene of the accident and the surrounding location

8.examine the road for physical damage, and photograph anything of significance, including debris and skid marks

9.avoid making a statement, assuming responsibility or casting blame yet: emotions are high after an accident and it is best to be patient and obtain advice from a legal expert

10.if you or your passengers are injured, take photographs of the injuries as soon as possible the event of injury, go immediately to a GP or Accident and Emergency Department for treatment and medical advice

12.whether you think you were to blame or not, contact your insurers as soon as possible and inform them of the accident and of the possibilty that the other driver may make a car accident claim against you.

13.ask any witnesses their names and contact details at homes and offices near the accident scene to check if anyone witnessed the accident

15.take photographs of the immediate vicinity and the scene of the accident if you were a pedestrian

16.take detailed photographs of all damage to property or possessions in case the insurers wish to see this

17.keep all receipts of repairs to any damaged property

18.record daily and in detail the events occurring after the incident, particularly your process of recovery from the accident

If you have been injured in an accident within the last three years, do yourself justice and complete the contact form at or phone the advice line and we will immediately put you in touch with a specialist solicitor.

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    (February 11, 2010 - 3:40 pm)

    Accident / Claim advice…?
    Whilst in traffic Policy Holder (PH) drove into back of vehicle of Third Party(TP). There was no major speed (in traffic jam so slow driving) and little impact , therefore little damage. No liability was claimed but it is known that, according to the rules of the road , more often than not, it is the vehicle to the rear who will be held liable. Knowing this, both parties agree that PH could pay for damage to vehicle of TP as it will only amount to a small figure, guesstimate/ approx. €300, i.e. that they would sort the incident privately. TP has also agreed to sign receipt (put together by PH) which states that they will accept this payment as full and final settlement of all claims arising from the incident. Police called to the scene. Advised that most sort incidents like that b/tw the two parties. T&C’s of insurance state that they must be notified should an accident occur. Were not contacted at the time – decisions to be made! If insurance find out about incident further down the line, policy can be cancelled for non-disclosure…

    The question is – what impact should this have on the relevant policies? Would the TP’s premium increase? Also what about the NCB? Since no claim was actually made on insurance, would the PH’s NCB remain intact, also considering that the TP has agreed not to make any subsequent claims (which is also to include the two year period for which a claim usually remains open). Will PH’s premium increase by much?

    It took place in Ireland so it’s the Irish insurance system – if this helps!



    Who Cares

    (February 11, 2010 - 8:42 pm)


    i hope this helps
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    (February 11, 2010 - 8:44 pm)

    go out to dinner
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    Bob D

    (February 11, 2010 - 8:46 pm)

    premium increase yes. just let your insurance handel it. thats why you pay for it.
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    (February 11, 2010 - 8:48 pm)

    The vehicle that was hit (third party) Is liable to get paid through insurance.

    If the third party vehicle hit into another vehicle insurance would not pay to the third party for repairs or damages.

    Third party is very simple, if you get hit you will get paid for repairs from the others insurance company, if you (third party) hit some one your insurance will not pay for damages.

    This will not effect the TP’s premium as it was NOT the TP’s fault

    Good luck
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    Sue P

    (February 11, 2010 - 8:50 pm)

    Hi there, firstly, there are hundreds of minor tips like this sorted without insurance every day and with a policy excess of probably around €200 or €300 anyway, the insurance companies are probably quite happy to let this happen! Strictly speaking, insurance companies should be notified but it will make no difference to the NCB or the premium. This is because you are not claiming from the insurance company anyway so they have not had to pay out on your policy, hence it will not need to increase your premium. Obviously enough, your No Claims Bonus will not be affected as there has been "No Claim" on the policy as you stated yourself. If you want to be really diligent and stick to policy conditions strictly, then it would be no harm to send the repair invoice, the acceptance & agreement of no further claims etc to the insurance company for their file – peace of mind is everything!! Hope this helps!
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