Where can I get free legal advice online?

I am very young and just getting out of a verbally abusive relationship. I don’t know whether to try for sole custody of my 3 month old and child support. He has a record but it was before he was 18 so it was expunged (it was for assult). He is very verbally abusive even in front of our son and I am scared it will lead to physical. I need legal advice.

Any idea where I can get legal advice free?


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    If he EVER verbally abuses you in front of you child again call the police and tell them you fear for your life. They will come sooner. Tell them he was arrested one for assault. You need to do this to get it on record if you want any chance of getting sole custody. I am not sure why people think the legal advice should be free, but I guess it is like everyone wants welfare and let the govenment pay for it. If you are really poor, go to legal aide. the departemnt of social services can direct you. Or you can buy pre paid legal insurance for $16 month and talk to an attorney all money long. I know ’cause I sell the insurance.
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    First of all, most law offices will do a free consultation and may give free advice. It may or may not be accurate. the best alternative is to have a lawyer with you. Since you are the mother that will work in your favor.
    You can also find a million websites by googling free legal advice. Good job on seeing a bad situation and walking away from it. I hope you and your child will get the help you need.

    I’ve included some links that could help you emotionally.
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