Insurance Needs for Legal Professionals

As the adage goes, insurance follows you from womb to tomb. The moment we take a step in life, we undertake risk. Though most of us know this, we seldom realize the fact when it comes to our own context.

Every human need to be insured is it for his health, assets, or profession. Some professions entail more risk than others. It is interesting to note that lawyers too need insurance. The relation between a lawyer and his client is of absolute professional contract and trust. In case of violation of any of these, gives the client a reason to take the lawyer to court.

There may be incidents which compel the client to think that his lawyer has not acted according to terms of the contract and he may drag the latter to the position of defendant. A client may take legal steps against his lawyer on grounds of breach of confidentiality or lack in professional service as the case may be. As a professional code of conduct the lawyer is bound to maintain secrecy regarding confidential details of clients. In case of any leak of information in this aspect, the lawyer may be held responsible and this may amount to huge financial losses. Buying an indemnity cover safeguards the interests of the legal professional and indemnifies all financial losses arising out of it. It always makes sense to pay a small premium each month than to let your firm get bombarded with huge penalties arising out of a lawsuit.

Normally an insurance cover fro legal professional can be made predated on request of the client. Make sure your insurance advisor caters you with this benefit. Moreover, a legal professional insurance should cover all legal fees along with the damages. Just like buying any other insurance cover, it is primarily essential to disclose all facts to your insurance company while buying the cover. It is better not to have any cover and act accordingly than to have a case against you and later find out you are not protected at all.

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    (May 1, 2010 - 8:01 pm)

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    legal documents needed?
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    (May 2, 2010 - 1:03 am)

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