Fate of Volkswagen Law on the Brink

Volkswagen, Europe’s largest automaker and maker of popular brand of auto parts like Volkswagen oil filter is once again in the limelight as continuous probing on the legitimacy of VW law surges on. Volkswagen is a German word for “people’s car” and in order to protect public interest, European regulators are planning to reform Volkswagen’s […]

The Alyona Show: In Case You Missed It-Full Show Wednesday

Protests mounted in Arizona today as the immigration law poised to pass. The Alyona Show brings you a wide range of coverage from a firsthand look on the ground in Phoenix to a heated debate on both sides of this controversial law. Alyona asks the pressing questions and wants to know will the injunction really hold up, and should it? Next, is Washington DC desperately out of touch with reality? The House of Representative voted yesterday to give 59 billion dollars to the Afghan war effort, but a majority of Americans are opposing the war in Afghanistan. Then the Mexican drug war rages on as the demand for rugs booms. Medical marijuana becomes legal in Washington DC so will Americans ever understand the connection between legalization and the war across the border. Then a new sexy spy has surfaced, well she hasn’t actually been accused of being a spy but can see still give Anna Chapman a run for her money? And MTV’s Snookie has left the guidos for the brokers. Alyona tells you what she’s been up to.

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Top Reasons to Choose Law as a Career

People already in the legal profession, whose fundamental purpose is to help others resolve their legal problems, will endorse the fact that law as a career is intellectually fulfilling carrying ample financial rewards. Law offers you diverse career options and qualified lawyers are in great demand as the legal profession is expanding at a rapid […]

Republicans Oppose Al Franken’s Law on Protecting Victims of Gang Rape

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Agency Law

Agency Law The origins of the doctrine of necessitous intervention by someone who is in a legal relationship with the defendant lie in the principle of agency of necessity, where an agent went beyond his or her authority by intervening on behalf of the principal in an emergency. Because of the circumstances of necessity, particularly […]

The First Ten Days

During his first week in office many of the major networks were announcing our new president’s approval rating as being 75%.   According to Leslie Marshall this is clear evidence that the American people trust and feel confident the Obama administration will pull us out of this economic crisis. Let’s look at that 75% approval rating […]

Uk Car Accident Claim Advice

Accident Lawyer UK offers a risk-free car accident claim service, providing no-cost legal advice and assistance on a no win no fee basis. Consequently, you need not finance your claim or pay expenses as it makes its way along the legal process. If you win compensation, we assure that you will receive its value in […]