Prescription Pads Now Legal For Naturopathic Physicians

VICTORIA — At first glance he may look like a Medical Doctor, but he’s not. Dr. Neil McKinney is a natural.
“Natural medicine is putting herbal tinctures and homeopathy’s together along with Chinese medicine. Yeah I have a broad set of tools to work with but we are very well trained in this now, and I think we are going to make a lot difference for a lot of people.”
He is now licensed by the Province to prescribe medications such as antibiotics and anti-depressants, but not federally regulated drugs with high abuse potential. He specializes in oncology treatments and helped Derek Johnston stomach his Chemotherapy with a natural supplement. A man who ironically was diagnosed by accident.
“There on the crossroads of my optic nerves was brain tumor. And that is an example of integrated health. My optometrist, not the medical system, my optometrist discovered this.”
Johnston does not require prescription drugs today but if and when he does, he now feels comfortable calling on McKinney. Naturopathic Physicians say the new authority gives them the ability to serve their patients better, particularly those who rely on them for primary care, like 73 yr old Sylvia Rickard.
“I think an integrative approach and a holistic approach by both the MD’s and ND’s is needed. To look at the whole person that they’re treating and help them get better.”
Post transverse colon surgery Sylvia was given a 33% chance of living if she continued with invasive chemotherapy. She did not, and 2 1/2 years later she is now cancer free thanks to the naturopathic program developed with Dr. McKinney along with prescription drugs. And its that joining of the hands the two say, that is an option out there that patients should be aware of.
“Certainly Sylvia has benefited greatly from naturopathic care, she was not doing well under the old system, but we’ve also got her on a new drug that I think is going to keep her healthy for the next several years.” Said McKinney.
Coming from two cancer survivors who used an integrated approach, it’s not about whose wrong or right it’s about what works. And while Naturopathic Medicine doesn’t work for everyone, these patients are two examples who have benefited greatly.

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