Case raises France veil-ban issues

A court in Paris has handed a French retiree a one-month suspended sentence for attacking an Arab woman who was wearing a full-face veil.

The court ordered Jeanne Ruby, a retired English teacher, to pay $1,140 in damages to the victim, a citizen of the United Arab Emirates who was on holiday in Paris at the time of the attack.

The incident took place in the French capital in February, as France’s conservative government was in the early stages of hammering out a plan to ban the wearing of full-facial veils in public.

The measure officially became law last month, but it will not be enforced for several months.

Al Jazeera’s Jacky Rowland reports from Paris on how the case has highlighted potential problems once the veil ban is implemented next year.

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Are you Free Man? This is not legal advice…1/4

To answer the question of ‘what acts and statutes’ are not regarded as law, the answer is none of them. To what Laws do you have to give authority to? Your own. Figure out what they are, then live by them (and serve notice, if you care to change anything for the others that are still slaves to the system…and the future)

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Plans to tackle ‘legal highs’ unveiled

A Home Office minister says that swifter Government action is needed to tackle the problems posed by so called legal highs.


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Hard Case for iPad – – Buy Now!

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Legal News Headlines 6/9/2010

Today’s Legal Headline News

BP Spill could take years to clean up

Intelligence officer arrested for posting cinfidential video on Wikileaks

ACLU files lawsuit agains government over privacy

Bhopal India Union carbide execs get 2 years

Legal Broadcast Network

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Obama Sets New Executive Orders

Live! From Washington D.C.: President Obama Speaks at Official White House Staff Ceremony, Says Public Service is a Privilege, Will Freeze Pay for Senior Staff; Lobbyists Subject to Stricter Limits, Will Ban Gifts from Lobbyists to His Administration; In

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The IRS vs. Robert Kahre

Entire TV Show

Headline Legal News: The Law Office of William A. Cohan is featured in an exciting, exclusive, in-depth and inside interview, discussing the case of Robert Kahre. Informally called the Kahre case — after the primary defendant, business owner Robert Kahre, who paid workers in gold and silver coins — the trial relied heavily on evidence gathered in a controversial armed raid in May 2003 on several of Kahre’s local business places. The raid entailed keeping more than 20 workers handcuffed, in 106-degree heat without shade or water while agents collected records and equipment, which Kahre described in this interview with great detail. The trial resulted in zero convictions on 161 charges faced by nine defendants, a major win for William Cohan and Robert Kahre.

William A. Cohan has litigated in federal trial and appeals courts throughout the United States for the last 30 years. He has obtained more acquittals in criminal tax cases than any attorney practicing in the United States over the last 30 years (including 2 cases involving more than $10 million), secured several multi-million dollar verdicts and settlements for plaintiffs, and successfully defended against several multi-million dollar civil claims and forfeitures. The other twenty-five percent of his cases involve business disputes between individuals and non-governmental entities: he defends individuals, corporations, trusts, LLP’s, LLC’s, and partnerships in controversies concerning real estate, securities, business acquisitions, employment, banking and insurance. One essential element in William’s success over the last 30 years is and always has been investigating and discovering the larger context of a case.

You can contact William A. Cohan at 858-832-1632


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Business News Briefs – NJ Corruption Probe, De Beers Woes – Bloomberg

Mayors and Rabbis Arrested in Secaucus and Hoboken NJ, 30 Arrests Altogether in Corruption Probe; De Beers Seeks to Renew $3.5 Billion Loan (Bloomberg News)

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MSNBC Countdown w/ Law Prof. Jonathan Turley – GonzoGate

Constitutional Law Professor of George Washington University Jonathan Turley clarifies Constitutionality with Keith Obermann of MSNBC Countdown – Attorney General Alberto Gonzales firing 8 U.S. Attorneys

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Tunkashila 1/13 – Jordan Maxwell, Law of the Sea, Birth, Sex, Sovereignty, Free Energy Economics

Tunkashila is a documentary about sovereignty and self empowerment. Featuring Jordan Maxwell, Vandana Shiva, Aaron Russo, Jacque Fresco, Nick Bostrum and John Hagelin. Covering topics such as the Law of the Sea, the secrets of Maritime Admiralty Law, birth certificates, lien, ships manifest, captain, mother, sex, pregnancy, corporations, monopoly money, debt crisis, financial Armageddon, fight, war, terror, cashless society, moneyless society, food,seed, Monsanto, Free Energy Economics, Conspiracy Mythbusters, Climate Change Phenomenon – manmade and natural, George Bush’s Financial 911 speech and Iraqi shoe throwing protester, Armageddon, Zodiac, Astrology, Spiritual, Esoteric, Astronomy and Astrotheology (the pagan origins of Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Buddhism, Hinduism and Satanism), Illuminati, Venus Project, Permaculture, Garbage Warrior, Earthships, love, self empowerment, the inner zeitgeist, quantum physics science and the universe simulation theory. Music by Echelon Corporation If you with to support United Natures a non-profit high quality DVD of Tunkashila is available from the following websites:


Jordan Maxwell sent the following unsolicited email about our documentary Tunkashila –

Hello from Jordan Maxwell. I want to tell you how much I liked your work on “Tunkashila” It is just GREAT !! Would you please send me 2 copies for myself. I am most pleased with the way you handled the subject. Again
Great work, and thank you for acknowledging me in the show.

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