From House of Lords to Supreme Court

From 31 July 2009, the judicial function of the House of Lords and its role as the final – and highest – appeal court in the UK will end, bringing about a fundamental change to the work and role of the House of Lords.

A new United Kingdom Supreme Court, separating the judicial function from Parliament (those who make the law from those who interpret it in courts), will open in early October 2009 opposite the Houses of Parliament in Parliament Square – formerly the Middlesex Guildhall.

Lord Mance, one of the 12 Law Lords in the House of Lords, outlines the key changes to the judicial role of Parliament.

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Legal Headline News 11/01/10

According to a Reuters poll Republicans will take control of the House of Representatives from Democrats in Tuesday’s midterm elections,

Former California Rep. Gary Condit testified Monday in the Chandra Levy murder trial that he never publicly acknowledged his affair with the intern because he believes everyone is entitled to privacy.

Citing cases dating back as far as 1928, a judge has ruled that a young girl accused of running down an elderly woman while racing a bicycle with training wheels on a Manhattan sidewalk two years ago can be sued for negligence.
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NRA Fights For Legal Bribery Of Politicians

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Legal Headline News 10/8/2010

Supreme Court hears funeral protest case
Commission says White House did poor job with the BP oil spill
President won’t sign legislation making it easier for lenders to foreclose
Glaxo Smith Kline wins.
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Michelle Obama: Barack’s Home Country Is Kenya – full statement.avi

Michelle Obama lets the Kenyan-born Barack Obama Truth out of the proverbial Illegal Alien Bag by saying that they took a trip to Africa to his home country in “Kenya” (0:47/3:00).
Now you know why Obama is working so diligently to bring Comprehensive Illegal Amnesty to the forefront of his Fascist Agenda …

I really dont care about the birth certificate. The Hawaii/Kenya issue is moot.

What is not moot is that he was legally adopted as Barry Soetoro, an Indonesian Muslim.
There is no record of the person using the name Barack Hussein Obama, Jr. ever renouncing the Indonesian adoption, or legally filing a name change and citizenship renunciation back to Barack Hussein Obama, Jr.
This being the case, one Barry Soetoro overstayed his student
visa, and is in this country illegally.

Neither are his scholastic records from High School, college, law school, driver license, bar exam results, case law citations, employment contracts proving him a legitimate professor, available for review. Last report Ive read show his campaign or Organizing For America has paid Attorneys on behalf of the person representing himself to be Barack Hussein

Obama, Jr. over $2 Million USD by March 1, 2010 to keep these records sealed.
No legal documentation has been shown that a legal Barack Hussein Obama, Jr EXISTS.

There is evidence a Barry Soetoro attended Occidental College in Los Angeles as an Indonesian foreign exchange student on a Fullbright Scholarship.
There is further question about the legitimacy of the Social Security number reported on his past publicly filed tax return.

Evidence suggests he may be using a Social Security card as a result of possible identity theft (in addition to over three dozen numbers and his name being linked and sworn to under penalty in court depositions).

There is a Quo Warranto filing in federal Washington DC District Court, by Dr Orly Taitz, JD and candidate for Secretary of State of California, to substantiate the charges questioning legitimacy of the person representing himself to be Barack Hussein Obama, Jr., since he was an adult. Forget the birth. His last 28 years matter. The Doctor/Officer is to be commended.

This is not a totalitarian society (yet) demanding blind obedience to unlawful orders.

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