“Marijuana Should Be Legal!”

October 08, 2010 News Corp

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Wisconsin Planned Parenthood Ignores Sexual Abuse Case

Learn more: http://LiveAction.org

Watch our undercover video from another Wisconsin Planned Parenthood that shows medical misinformation:

Watch our previous videos showing sexual abuse coverup at other Planned Parenthood clinics at:

Our videos have resulted in a Planned Parenthood staff firing and resignation, and the Birmingham Planned Parenthood clinic being placed on probation for 9 legal violations.

In response to this video, Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin CEO Teri Huyck said, “In this particular circumstance, we did not have the name of the young woman. She did not give it to us. She did not provide any ID. So we were unable to make any report.” EXCEPT we DID give that information to Planned Parenthood…watch this video of us doing that and proving her statement a lie:

Media coverage of this video:
NBC 4: http://bit.ly/cFlQTO
Journal Sentinel: http://bit.ly/a6jkp1
HotAir: http://bit.ly/bAdS6c
LifeNews: http://bit.ly/diN3z4
Daily Caller: http://bit.ly/cfOrnl

Planned Parenthood Location:
302 North Jackson Street
Milwaukee, WI 53202

Video recorded:
June 25th, 2008

Video recorded by:
Lila Rose & Jackie Stollar of Live Action

Media contact:
Lila Rose, media@liveaction.org

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Matriarchy – How We Fell – Know Thy Self pt.2/11

An interview on blogtalk radio

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Hold Israel Accountable – Palestine Legal Aid Fund

Urgent Appeal – Legal Action on Gaza Aid Flotilla – by Palestine Legal Aid Fund (http://www.humanrightsfund.org )

Mary Nazzal-Batayneh of the Palestine Legal Aid Fund urges you to support the appeal for legal action following Israel’s attack on the Freedom Flotilla.

As soon as Israeli commandos attacked, the need for an international effort to secure and preserve evidence from passengers was clear.

A single donation to the Palestine Legal Aid Fund was all that was necessary to give the go ahead to UK-based lawyers to start preparing advice for the detainees, and coordinating the international collection of evidence for use in any future legal case or UN fact-finding mission.

The legal cases will not only seek justice for those killed, injured and detained on the flotilla. They will hold Israeli authorities legally accountable, and provoke an examination of the illegal blockade and humanitarian crisis in Gaza.

Your help is needed to support this vital work. Through making a donation, fundraising in your community, or showing your support in another way, you can ensure this work continues, and that the strongest possible case reaches court. Take action: sign up at www.humanrightsfund.org


Credits: Amamram TV

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Cops Bust Into Home Of Disabled Army Veteran Over 2 LEGAL Marijuana Plants

November 08, 2010 KING 5 News / KIRO 7 News / Q13 News

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